GoPro Hero 10 Review: One Month Later, Slow Mo King! The Good and Bad


GoPro Hero 10 Review: One Month Later, Slow Mo King! The Good and Bad

GoPro Hero 10

GoPro has grown a lot as a company; I have seen many people narrating the action cameras as GoPro. The mighty company has brought the latest GoPro Hero 10. On paper, we can see the usual hardware upgrades and minor price bumps.

Let’s find out if the Hero 10 is worth the extra investment. Here is the full review of the latest GoPro Hero Black 10 as I am not in the sight of the GoPro marketing team, so I have the freedom to test it the way I want, and the longer I want.

So, I notoriously used the device for 30 days and here is my take on the latest iteration of Hero Black.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of GoPro Hero Black 10.


  • New and improved build quality.
  • Fast processor.
  • 3K 60FPS, 4K 120FPS and 2.7K 240FPS.
  • Great performance and video quality.
  • Better Colour Science.
  • Top of the line Slow-Mo and Stabilization.


  • Satisfactory battery endurance.
  • Overheat at max FPS.
  • Firmware is not up to par.

GoPro Hero 10-Price

GoPro Hero 10 Price

GoPro Hero 10 is priced at 400$. I have got the accessory bundle, in which I got a swivel mount, tripod, extra battery, 32GB SD card, a case and the camera. Moreover, you also get a 1-year GoPro subscription for free, which is good if the action cam is your primary option.

GoPro Hero 10-Unboxing

GoPro Hero 10 Unboxing

There is nothing new with the unboxing, a typical GoPro box with the carrying case inside. All the above-mentioned contents are nicely packed in it, and the case is pretty good at keeping things accessible and tidy.

The worthy competitors are Insta360 One R and DJI Osmo Action. A couple of great cameras with tons of great features.

Appearance and Build Quality

GoPro Hero 10 Appearance

The appearance is not changed much; we have the same secondary screen, ports and buttons configurations. The only change that Hero 9 Black users will see is the blue branding instead of grey and number 10 instead of 9.

The build quality is better than Hero 9. The 10th one has the better build material; it is more resistant to scratches and falls. Moreover, I notice it also collects lesser dust than my Hero 9 used to. The camera lens has a hydrophobic coating. Other than that, the waterproof rating is the same.

Technical Specifications

GoPro Hero 10 Technical specifications

  • Lens: IMX677 5.3K 23 MP image sensor
  • Processor: GoPro GP2 SoC
  • Video Quality: 4k 120fps, 5K 60fps
  • GPS & Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Battery: 1720mAh
  • Smartphone App: Quik

GoPro Hero 10-Performance

GoPro Hero 10 Performance

GoPro is significantly improved than the previous generation. The camera can shoot 4K up to 120FPS and 5.3K at 60FPS. Not only the numbers are fascinating the video result is exceptional as well. I have tested the camera in almost every situation, and the Hero Black 10 came out triumph in every condition.

GoPro Hero 10 Image Quality

Low light quality has also improved significantly. It is better than the DJI OSMO Action and very close to the leading Insta360 One R.

GoPro Hero 10 is the new slow-motion king. The small camera can shoot 4K in 120 fps and 2.7K in 240FPS, which is remarkable. For me, it is the new slow-motion king in the industry.

A highlighting feature of action cameras is stabilization. The action cameras are designed to provide stable footage no matter the condition. The Hero 10 is on the 4th generation of hyper smooth, and the results are exceptional. The video is super smooth; I have performed various tests that you can check in the YouTube video.

Battery performance is satisfactory. But I haven’t faced any major issue as the battery is replaceable, and I can change it whenever the other one runs out of battery.

Features that I Loved

The device has many features that I absolutely love, like solid build quality. The bad boy has faced a lot of falls, but it’s still solid as a tank.

GoPro has significantly enhanced their colour science; they are accurate and raw picture allows us to perform better colour grading without losing the details.

GoPro Hero 10 4K Horizon Levelling

Another great feature is horizon levelling; it is exceptionally well executed. It will keep the horizon perfectly levelled when the camera is titled as much as 45° on both sides.

Now the versatile GoPro can also live stream at 1080p. I love the way how easily we can use it as a Webcam.

GoPro Hero 10

Moreover, many features are described above except the processor. GoPro has addressed the issues of laggy and freezing menu. With the new GP2 processor, the problem is solved now the interface is pretty smooth, and I have not faced any issues.

The Hero 10 has the exact dimensions and configurations as the Hero 9. So, the 9’s accessories are compatible with Hero 10.

GoPro Hero 10-Drawbacks

As mentioned above, the fast processor has fixed the laggy interface issue. But now, the camera gets hot with prolonged usage at max resolution and FPS. But it is not a major issue because most people are not using it for more than 15 to 20 minutes on 4K 120 FPS or 5.3K.

GoPro Hero 10 Downside

A big issue is the mobile software or firmware; it is hard to use and takes a lot of time to sync. I have an Android mobile, and the Hero 10 took 90 minutes and four tries to update the firmware.

Here are some flaws that I think can be addressed in the next generation.

  • Rapid battery drainage at higher FPS.
  • Overheating
  • No in-app live review.
  • Firmware problems.

Final Verdict

Other than the mentioned issues, I really loved the device. The reliable device has many features that make it superior to previous generations.

GoPro Hero 10 is a great performer; you will feel a considerable difference when switching from Hero 8 and DJI Osmo Action.

From a consumer point of view, I will recommend buying Hero Black 10; it fulfils all my needs and withstands every tough challenge I put it through.

Lastly, the words and pictures cannot define the quality of an action camera. So, visit theTech4all YouTube channel to watch the review of GoPro Hero Black 10. You can also visit our website to learn about more awesome tech.

Where to Buy?

Here is a discounted link to GoPro Hero 10.