Feiyu Pocket 3, The Solution of Unstable Video – 4K Wireless Pocket Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal

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Feiyu Pocket 3, The Solution of Unstable Video – 4K Wireless Pocket Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal

Feiyu Pocket 3, the small 4K camera with mechanical stabilization. It can be used with a remote like DJI Pocket or independently as a wearable gimbal camera. It can turn out to be an excellent product for vloggers and videographers. But there is a red flag that I think should be considered.

Before getting a product, I usually like to read some reviews, but we just can’t trust them because almost daily, I get an email for a 5-Star review in exchange for a gift. Moreover, Feiyu Pocket 3 is launched after a crowdfunding campaign. The campaigns are launched to gather funds, but some companies use them for exposure. And I think Feiyu is also using it to gain exposure. Many products like Micro Drone 4.0 and Mokacam turned out to be a flop after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, the company running the campaign for Feiyu Pocket 3 was also running Mokacam. So, these are some red flags, but let’s test the pocket camera with an open mind.

Let’s Inspect!



  • Excellent mechanical stabilization
  • Beautiful video quality
  • Respectable battery life
  • Nice design
  • Handy remote handle to easily control the camera


  • The build quality is not premium
  • No ND filters

Feiyu Pocket 3 – Price

Feiyu Pocket 3 Price
Feiyu Pocket 3 is launched at 329$ for a camera and remote combo in the crowdfunding campaign. The original price is a little higher than the DJI Pocket 3. So, it will have to perform exceptionally well, or the company has to lower the price to compete fairly.

Feiyu Pocket 3 – Unboxing

Feiyu Pocket 3 the Main Unit Unboxing feels good. There is nothing unique. The box has some highlights and tech specs mentioned. Opening the box will reveal the Feiyu Pocket 3 with a tripod that comes screwed. We have the weirdest gimbal protector, pouch, and user manual in a small box.

The Remote Handle The remote handle arrives in another box with a user manual. It is made of cheap plastic and has all the buttons and controls to run the camera. Feiyu is adamant that having the remote is essential, which I think is right. Because it makes using the camera significantly easier, we don’t have to depend on the wired connections of the previous generation.

Appearance and Built Quality

Standalone Feiyu Pocket 3The camera feels good in my hand. It has an excellent design and a bit of a bigger body that feels quite good in hand. Under the lens, we have a small screen and two buttons to operate the camera without a remote. And on the bottom, we have the Type-C port and Arca-Swiss compatible mount. You will also see the SD card tray on the left.

Feiyu Pocket 3 with Remote HandleThe remote is an essential part of the camera setup. The remote’s plastic feels cheap, but the controls and screen are well-clustered and easily used. It has the screen on top, followed by the joystick and two function buttons. Lastly, we have a toggle switch that can be used to zoom in and out.

Overall, the Feiyu Pocket 3 setup looks great and functional. Let’s start the proper testing by learning about the camera’s technical specifications.

Technical Specifications

  • Image Sensor: IMX 577 12MP Image Sensor
  • SoC: Sunplus iCatch V39m
  • Lens: 130° FOV with F/2.0
  • Battery: 280mAh battery with 116 minutes battery life
  • Storage: Up to 512 GB SD Card Support
  • Screen: 1.3-inch IPS Display
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Smartphone App: Feiyu Cam
  • Weight: 159 grams

Feiyu Pocket 3 – Camera Performance

Feiyu Pocket 3 has a unique image sensor. It has been used in some Xperia Smartphones and looks good. The only concern is the chipset. Feiyu is reusing the old one, so let’s see how it works with the new image sensor.

Turn our YouTube video on for a better experience.

Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera Performance

Let’s start with the stabilization. It feels buttery smooth the video looks perfect and well-balanced. Initially, the gimbal might need some calibration because I sensed some horizon issues in pan-follow mode, which was resolved after some calibration.

The video looks excellent; it has various shooting modes and options to select 24, 25, 48, 50, and 60FPS. Pocket 3 can shoot up to 4K 60FPS, and the video looks great. The details are great; the camera preserves a lot of dynamic range. It also has pro-grade features like DJI to shoot better videos.

When it comes to shooting mode, the Feiyu Pocket 3 does not disappoint. The slow motion is not as good as other 4K cameras, but still usable.

4x Digital Zoom The 4 times digital zoom is also one of its strengths. It is digital zoom, and despite degradation, the video quality is excellent. Moreover, the stabilization is supreme. The camera uses a combination of mechanical and electric OIS that does a great job.

Feiyu Pocket 3 Face Tracking
Another feature of the camera that I like is Face Tracking. It automatically detects and follows the face, which is great for video creators with no filming crew.

The audio quality is also outstanding. The sound is loud and clear and does not have any distortion.

The Remote Handle

The remote handle is one of the main selling points of the camera. It is very convenient and makes the camera incredibly functional.

Screen on Remote Handle The menu is well-grouped and easy to understand. But the screen is a bit harder to use. Often, I have to click or swipe twice and thrice to start the function. Other than that, it is nice and makes controlling the camera straightforward.

Lastly, we have two buttons, a zoom control toggle, and a joystick. All of them are responsive and work nicely.

Feiyu Pocket 3 – Battery

The battery is a strong aspect of Feiyu Pocket 3. It has a 280mAh battery that can record over 70 minutes of recording per charge. The rated 2-hour time is achievable in lower settings. But still, 70 minutes is a respectable number for a camera with a small battery.  

Feiyu Cam App

FeiyuCam AppThe Feiyu Cam app adds significant value to the camera. It has more options in the iOS version than Android. But still, it can be used to fine-tune the camera, configure options and download and organize the recorded videos.


  • App Translation is not good
  • Fixed Focus
  • No ND Filter options
  • The camera is not waterproof
  • Some remarks about the firmware
  • The quality is not premium


Despite the red flags, Feiyu Pocket 3 turns out to be an excellent camera that can serve a range of videographers. The mechanical stabilization and video quality are exceptional. But one thing that can be a bummer is the retail price of 460$ which is brought down to 329$ in the crowdfunding campaign. The retail price is more than DJI Pocket, and it will be hard to compete at a higher price.

Feiyu Pocket 3