A Great Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Tested: evowera planck O1 Review

A Great Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Tested: evowera planck O1 Review


Planck O1 by evowera is a new smart sonic toothbrush approved by the American dental association with adjustable intensity and wireless charging. 


As far as unboxing goes, there are 2 boxes included in the assembly. Starting with the one for the toothbrush – there’s a user guide with a lot of useful information, the toothbrush itself & two brush heads included, so that you have a spare or could share the main body with someone else.

In the other box – there’s the charging station with adapters for the electric cirquit connectors for the different regions. That’s most of it at a glance. Note that after powering mine on, I pressed the wrong key and the language setting switched to Chinese – if this happens to you – just connect to the smartphone app.


Main technical highlights:

  • Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Servo Motor capabbe of 42000RPM
  • Intelligent adaptive mode
  • Built-in screen
  • Vector controlled brush head
  • 3.5 hours battery-backed operation
  • 5 fundamental cleaning modes
  • IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Convenient wireless charger.



The handling of the brush is super simple. As soon as you pick it up – the toothbrush will automatically light up the screen and be operation ready, there’s a beep noise you’re about to hear. You can either press the power button and immediately start brushing, or choose a setting. Besides the adaptive mode which roams between the available cleaning modes automatically – adjusting to the best for your case cleaning intensity, you may go for any of the other modes – clean, white, sensitive, comfort and therapy.

Now, the thing that I find super valuable is the indication of the display. It shows a diagram of your mouth and you can see which are the areas which deserve more attention or you may have missed. I though at the start this is not so important, but then realized that while I’m sleepy I actually miss very often to properly clean certain areas, so this can be a very good reminder and avisor about doing the cleaniong the right way.

There’s a summary after each and every cleaning. If you are concerned that your partner ot kid are not doing great job with brushing duration or effectiveness – this is a way to be more involved and aware of the actual state. So not only you get the brushing status, but also – it actually teaches you to brush your teeth in a better way. Which is a skill you will keep with you firever.

Inside the app there are some additional settings – like selecting the the hand you hold the brush with, even some ways to customize the display and put there a nice looking… toothrbursh face. A few differnet options are available.

Since I always try to cover both the strong and the weak sides – I wish the display on Evowera’s Planck O1 was slightly bigger, but I overall find the toothbrush to be a great deal, and although a bit more expensive, it has all that it takes to help you stay away from gum inflammination, bacteria and plaque. And also – I believe it can teach you to be more effective while brushing, no matter the type of brush that you use.

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