Electric Toothbrush Revolution? Try HEISR!

heisr top up toothbrush scaled

Have you ever wished to have more flexible and adaptive electric toothbrush? We’ve tested HEISR and feels like nothing comes close to its effectiveness about cleaning!

Our Verdict:


  • medical-grade deep cleaning
  • effortless pro cleaning experience
  • follow bass method
  • saves time
  • great deal for the price!


  • bulky body design
  • takes some time to get used to



HEISR retail package.

What is the buzz about?

We all know that mouth hygiene is one of the keys for keeping healthy life. Still – developing the habit to regularly brush our teeth is sometimes challenging due to lack of time, lack of energy or simply … motivation.
While the thought of keeping yourself fit should be a top motivator alone, let me share with you the experience of using HEISR for a while – because it happens to be the right kind of “sause” to add the so much needed “flavor” to toothbrushing routine.

The package

HEISR is not your average electric toothbrush! This is obvious from the very beginning – it has a lovely looking package and you can get to know about its most important features already.


Unboxing HEISR


The charging base

Inside – there’s the charging base. A little bigger than what you’d usually get, but at the same time – stands very stable, no matter where you place it. Comes with rubberized legs too – which helps it to remain still on most surfaces you place it onto. Magnetic charging cable – this looks more like a charger for wearables by the way. And two littlee sealed packs with brushheads.

You will notice the solid construction – and this is where you will find the control buttons. There are three modes to choose from:

  • clean: the default mode, which you will likely most often use. Removes the plaque and cleans your teeth
  • white: this one is a bit more aggressive, and it also removes the dental stains using ultrasonic sound waves
  • massage mode: this is the most gentle out of the three modes, and it soothens your gums with – as it turns out – pleasing movements.

Easy to use control buttons

The Cleaning:

Just as it is with most other electric toothbrushes, it is recommended to use HEISR for two minutes per cleaing session. And don’t you worry – there’s no need to use a stopwatch or count the seconds – the algorithm actually takes care of leading you through the whole process and reminding you about the timing. You will very quickly adapt to the cleaning routine and get the most out of it. What is remarkable is that the unique design allows you to cover greater areas of your teeth (the front and rear side simultaneously), which in some situations could shorten the brushing process down to justo 40 seconds! This means that the toothbrush needs a little more than a second to clean each individual tooth.


Brushing in action

So what’s different?

As already mentioned – this is not your average toothrbrush. Although most of what we just said so far sounds familiar,  the brush head is what makes HEIS unique: Expandable on all 3 sides, the brush head can adjust to fit teeth of varied thicknesses while rotating freely along the teeth; Also – it has a rotatable head and this enables you to reach all the hard-to-reach spots inside your mouth. The outer brush head is wrapped in soft purple rubber in case your teeth get bumped while brushing. Also, the bristles are extremely thin – 0.01mm, so they can reach zones which most traditional toothbrushes won’t.
The battery life is also decent – you can use HEISR for up to 2 months on a single charge, which is almost twice more than the average battery cycle of competitive products.



Price and availability

What you are going to like the most is the price! Although the design and felling is premium, you are being charged only $99 during the early days of the crowdfunding campaign! This is a project worth checking – it may turn out to be a new trend in the way electric toothbrushes are being designed.