DDPAI Z50 Review: Good 4K Dual Dash Cam on Budget

DDPAI Z50 Review: Good 4K Dual Dash Cam on Budget

DDPAI Z50 is the latest addition to the dash cam series. It is another 4K capable camera equipped with an excellent processor and image sensor. Z50 has both rear and front units and costs less than 200$. I have tested some previous models of DDPAI, and all of them had been great performers but, Is DDPAI Z50 good enough to be your next DVR?

Let’s find out in this comprehensive review.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of the DDPAI Z50 Dash Cam.


  • Great pricing
  • Supreme video quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Beautiful and functional design
  • D2Save ensures data security
  • ADAS Support


  • Screen stays on display most of the time
  • Removing the camera is a little difficult
  • In-camera menus are very limited.

DDPAI Z50 – Price

DDPAI Z50 is among the best budget dash cams. It cost 160$, which is excellent considering the performance and the number of accessories that come with the camera.

DDPAI Z50 – Unboxing

DDPAI Z50 Unboxing

DDPAI cameras have a very consistent positive unboxing experience. They have a simple box highlighting the top features. Inside we have two boxes, one with the front and the second encasing the rear module. The secondary boxes are well-designed and feel premium.

Inside, we have the DDPAI Z50, USB charger, cable, a couple of windshield folios, and the pry tool. We have the rear unit and power cables in the second container. Moreover, DDPAI has also included a couple of extra spare tape for both units, which is nice if you make a mistake with the installation.

Appearance and Build Quality


Beautiful and Sleek DDPAI Z50

The main unit looks sleek and solid in hand out of the box. It has a beautiful and functional design that can rotate the camera up to 35°. Moreover, we also have a nice 2.3-inches screen which can be used as a rear camera viewfinder, and the interface to adjust and set the camera right.

In addition to the screen, there are four buttons up the front. Set, Sound recording, Album, and Lock button to turn off the screen. The mic and SD card slot are on the left, along with the USB-Type C port and 3.5mm jack on top.

DDPAI Z50 rear camera

Tiny Rear Camera Unit

The rear unit is just a camera with mounting tape. It is small and does not block the vision of the rearview mirror. It does not have any control apart from the wire that connects it to the front module and battery.

Technical Specifications

  • Main Camera: IMX 415 8MP Image Sensor with F/1.75 aperture and 140° FOV, Rear Camera has f/2.0 aperture with 125° FOV
  • Display: 2.3-inch LCD
  • Battery: Super Capacitor
  • ADAS Support: Yes
  • Speaker: No
  • Mic: Yes
  • Memory: Has built-in NAND flash with MicroSD Card support up to 128GB
  • Sensors: G-Sensor, 3-axis gyroscope, GPS
  • Video Encoding: h.265 codecs with 26Mbps bitrate

DDPAI Z50 – Features

Z50 is a fantastic and affordable dashcam. It has almost all the necessary features and some unique aspects that add significant value to the camera.

DDPAI D2Save TechnologyIn addition to excellent image sensor ad video quality, DDPAI has added a D2Save storage technology. Whenever the camera detects any SD Card error, it automatically switches to the NAND Flash storage and repairs the damaged files to keep the footage safe. It is an excellent feature as many cards often get damaged quite easily.

I think an advanced driver assistance system is something that every dash cam should have, and DDPAI Z50 has this exceptional feature. It intelligently detects and warns you about the car approaching and departing from the lane.

DDPAI Z50 uses a supercapacitor to store charges. It is an excellent decision as lithium-ion batteries are not great at working in extreme conditions. The batteries can even explode in very hot climates. So, the supercapacitor is a perfect choice for a dash cam.

DDPAI Z50 – Installation

DDPAI Z50 Installation

Ideal Position to Install Z50

I have seen some harsh comments about Z50 being hard to install. But in my case, there was no disturbance. The process was pretty much the same as every other dashcam. If you face any problem, the user manual has a detailed guide to install it properly.

DDPAI Z50 Hardwire kitI recommend choosing the correct placement and always using the windshield folio to install the dash cam properly. Z50 also has a hardwire kit that allows you to have 24/7 surveillance. If you have never installed a hardwire kit. In that case, it’s better to ask a mechanic or electrician to do that because installing the kit requires a better understanding of the car’s electrical setup.

Then set up your camera, adjust the perfect angle, tune the right setting, and you are good to go. Through the camera, you can only make basic changes, and most settings are on the smartphone app. Once installed and booted the camera will automatically turns on with the engine and for 24/7 timelapse recording you will have to install the hardwire kit.

Video Quality

Video Quality

Detail Rich Video

I was a little skeptical about the video quality as the DDPAI is using a new processor from Sigmastar SoC instead of the HiSilicon they used in previous generations. But to my surprise, the video quality is excellent. Videos have rich details and the right amount of sharpness, contrast, and exposure. The sharpness is a touch higher, but the details are exceptional.

But because of the chipset DDPAI Z50 can record 4K 25FPS and 30FPS on 1080p and 1600p resolution.

DDPAI Z50 Video Quality

4x Zoom on DDPAI Z50

The daytime performance is excellent; you can zoom 2 to 4 times, and details will still be exquisite and visible. The rear camera is also quite good, and the quality is fantastic. But at night, the object and shapes are not very visible because all the lights point directly toward the lens.

Low light performance

Excellent Low Light Performance

On the contrary, the low light on the front 4K sensor is impressive. The wide lens lights up each and every pixel.

DDPAI Mobile App

DDPAI Mobile AppThe mobile app is another remarkable aspect of Z50. It has many options to configure video, and my favorite part is how it makes downloading video easier as if we are extracting it from DVR. Instead of copying the entire file, you can cut and crop a part you want to export with all the real-time data by the G-Sensor.


  • Display stays on for most of the time.
  • No quick release mechanism making it tougher to take off.
  • Not much control in camera menus.
  • Magenta color levels are high.


Most issues are fixable, so if you don’t plan to take the camera off anytime soon, then go for the DDPAI Z50. It is a smart, functional, beautiful, and safe-to-use camera with exceptional video quality.

So, get your now from the link below and learn more about it on our YouTube Channel.

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