Cammus C5 Review: Best Budget Direct Drive Gaming Wheel?

Cammus C5 Review: Best Budget Direct Drive Gaming Wheel?

Racing and simulation games have always been a big part of the gaming industry. There are hundreds of exciting games, and people really love to play them, especially after direct-drive steering wheels are introduced. They provide a real-time driving experience while sitting at your desk. Cammus C5 is another addition to the direct-drive gaming wheel. The interesting thing about the wheel is the price. It has no separate base as the motor is integrated inside the steering wheel. 

So, is it the right fit for your favorite racing games?

Let’s Inspect!



  • Ergonomic design and big button island
  • Excellent price point
  • Incredible drivability
  • Great smartphone app and computer software


  • Non-upgradable motor

Cammus C5 – Price

Cammus C5 PriceThe steering wheel has a very competitive price. It starts at 250$ for the wheel and 299$ for the wheel and basic pedal combo. It competes against Logitech and Trustmaster gaming wheels, but the price of both products is significantly higher than Cammus C5.

Cammus C5 – Unboxing

Compact Package The unboxing experience is a little astonishing because of the box size. It’s a little bigger than a laptop box, which is remarkable for a steering wheel. We have a couple more boxes holding the main product and supporting pieces inside. 

We have the Cammus C5, MIX6-base T-Bracket, hexagon socket head screw, cooling fan, fan screw, 19V power adapter, square port USB cable, Philips screwdriver and Allen wrench. 

Design and Construction 

Beautiful Cammus C5Cammus C5 has a beautiful, ergonomic design with a big button island and a small LCD screen in the center. C5 has a perfect shape and size identical to a standard steering wheel, making it easier for us to adjust. It also has pedal shifters at the perfect location. 

One thing that I really like about the steering wheel is the number of buttons. It has 20 buttons and three knobs, along with a small LCD screen that displays the speed. It also has LED indicators for RPM, which is a nice little addition. 

Backside of the Steering wheelThe backside holds all the connections and power ports. They are enough to attack multiple accessories. 

The build quality feels solid. The wheel has a leather-like texture. It is very grippy. The button island has a sleek carbon fiber finish that perfectly fits the gaming aesthetics of the steering wheel. 

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Direct Drive Servo Motor with 5nm torque
  • Body: Aluminum alloy
  • Size: 278 x 265 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Control Buttons: 20 Buttons and 3 knobs
  • Control App: Yes, both PC and smartphone.

Installation and Configuration

Easy Installation processThe installation and configuration are basic; it will only take 15-20 minutes. Moreover, installation is pretty straightforward. The instructions in the manual are not very detailed, so I have shown each step in my YouTube video

Start by mounting the base and attaching the fan and plate to the desk. Connect the fan to the steering wheel and attach the C5 to the base plate; attach the power plug, and you are good to go. 

Configuration through computer softwareAfter installation, the first thing you will do is install the official drivers available on Cammus’s website. Then, start configuring the steering wheel through mobile apps or computer software according to your taste. It will take some time as each game has different parameters, but the time is totally worth it, considering the experience C5 provides. You can also install updates for the base and steering wheel through the apps.

Cammus C5 – Drivability

Smooth and Dynamic Driving Experience The drivability of Cammus C5 is incredible. It feels natural, dynamic, and extremely fun. If it’s your first steering wheel, then it will feel amazing. It is not as good as most premium devices, but considering the price, it delivers exceptional performance. 

The responsiveness of the steering wheel is excellent, especially when you are steering through the corners at high speed. Cammus C5 has a good 5nm motor that feels a bit more powerful than the rated numbers. 

Drifting is also a breeze. The fast responsive saves you from spinning while providing enough turn to maintain the speed. It feels realistic and can even be used to play truck simulators. 

Cammus App and Software

Cammus C5 computer softwareThe C5 has both a smartphone app and computer software. Both of them have the same features and options that can be used to fine-tune the steering wheel. All the options are simple and quickly make it ready to race. 

I personally prefer computer software because of its ease of use and accessibility. 


  • Lack of big presets DB
  • Non-upgradable motor


Some say the Cammus C5 is a revolutionary steering wheel because of its excellent design, integrated motor, and affordable price. And I would agree with them because there is literally no competition at this price. 

So, if you are getting your first direct-drive steering wheel, the Cammus C5 is the ideal option because of its price and performance. 

Cammus C5