AmazFit Neo Smartwatch – A Casio Retro Flashback with Basic Smart Functions

AmazFit Neo

AmazFit Neo Smartwatch – A Casio Retro Flashback with Basic Smart Functions


Xiaomi never fails to amaze us with its innovative and breathtaking devices like Mi10T Pro, but this time they bring the old school Casio F91W back from the 80s in the form of the new AmazFit Neo. The design brings back the nostalgia of every Casio lover.

Xiaomi combined modern technology with iconic design aesthetics of the past.

Casio F91W

Casio F91W


In a hurry, browse this short overview, stating the pros and cons of the AmazFit Neo.


  • Great battery life.
  • Accurate and Detail Sleep Tracking.
  • Continuous Heart Rate tracking.
  • A High-pitched beeper.
  • Lightweight watch with a comfortable wrist band.
  • 5ATM waterproof (up to 50 meters).
  • Zepp app is excellent, displays all the information accurately, and lets you use all the watch features


  • The battery takes 5 hours to charge up.
  • Build Quality is not good.
  • No GPS.
  • No Vibrator.
  • Shaky smart unlock feature on non-Mi devices.



AmazFit Neo’s price is just 40$, making it the cheapest fitness tracker thanks to its more straightforward screen and body.

Amazfit Neo is even less expensive than the popular AmazFit fitness tracker.

First Impressions – Amazfit Neo


The watch impersonates something from the past that makes it stand out among the modern and bulky smartwatches. The uncanny resemblance makes the Neo a bridge between modern technologies and the past. The screen is simple, and the lightweight body doesn’t look solid.

Amazfit Neo – Appearance

External Appearance of AmazFir Neo

External Appearance of AmazFit Neo

The appearance of AmazFit Neo is beautiful, the lightweight body is a plastic build, and the band is made of polyurethane.

The simple non-colour screen is apportioned into two different parts. A small ring on the left side exhibits the selected mode—the rest of the screen display rest of the information.

Four side buttons control the screen; the top left button is “Select Button”, the bottom left is “Back Button”, which doubles as a backlight switch, and the buttons on the left side are simple “up and down navigation buttons”.

Amazfit Neo – Technical Specs

The watch’s weight is just 32 grams, and the watch comes with a 20mm comfortable wrist band. The battery is exceptional; it can last 28 days.

  • Display: 1.2-inch STN non-touch screen.
  • Weight: 32gm
  • Band: Polyurethane Band
  • Battery: 160mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5, LE compatible with Android 5.0 and IOS 10.0.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor.
  • Supported by Zepp app on both Android and IOS.



The device can measure your calories, steps, distance, heartbeat, and PAI (personal activity intelligence).

Moreover, sleep tracking is considerably accurate, and it has an alarm to wake you up. AmazFit Neo is waterproof up to 5ATM or 50 meters.

The most fantastic feature is the high-frequency beeper that alerts you in case of any message, call, and alarm.

Zepp App


Zepp App

The former AmazFit app now known as Zepp App is an excellent piece of software with adequate functionality. The app employs all the watch’s functions and features efficiently and precisely displays all the stats and measurements.

Fitness Tracking

Let’s speak about the fitness tracking of AmazFit Neo.

Sleep tracking: Sleep tracking of the watch is detailed and accurate. Neo can precisely track deep sleep, light sleep, and REM.


HR tracking: The watch can continuously track the heartbeat, but it is not perfect. The heartbeat is off by 15 bpm to 20 bpm from the real value. The sensor is not highly precise, but the performance is high-grade.


Sports tracking: Sports tracking is the weak spot of AmazFit Neo; it is not accurate.

Steps Tracking: Step tracker also gives a precise result. The results are pretty much the same as tracked with other competitive watches.


Amazfit Neo – Battery


The 160mAh battery is outstanding that can last for 28 to 40 days without continuous HR tracking. While 2 to 3 weeks with constant heart rate tracking, which is impressive at this price.

Another reason for its excellent battery life is its monochrome screen which consumes less power than ordinary screens.



There are a few limitations that can be improved to enhance the performance and functionality of the watch:

  • The watch takes 5 hours to charge up.
  • The body is made of cheap plastic.
  • There are only three sports modes walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • The smart lock feature does not work correctly.
  • Bluetooth 5 needs an Upgrade.

Final Verdict

There are other excellent factors in the watch, but the design makes AmazFit Neo a unique watch. Although some device features are questionable, its uncanny resemblance and extraordinary features make it exciting and worth buying a piece of tech.

Amazfit Neo: