Akaso V50X: The Best $100 4K Action Camera. Period.

Akaso V50X Battery

In the last weeks, if someone asks me about an excellent cheap action-camera, there’s one model I recommend a lot – and it is worth every single penny. V50X is the only reasonable action camera that has all the features needed for an excellent action camera

Akaso V50 is the only action camera that can compete with GoPro, Osmo action and other more expensive brands.

Akaso is a young Chinese company, primarily operating via Amazon, with an excellent social media presence and support that is a few levels above many other Chinese brands.

V50X is better than other v50 models for good colour science, outstanding build quality, a lot of good resolutions supported, and the best in class stabilization is considered.


Akaso V50X Unboxing

The packaging is incredible, with many valuable accessories and two available batteries so that you can easily swap in case needed.

You can also quickly charge via a power bank while shooting.

Akaso V50X Battery

There is one Waterproof case among other accessories; details of the device’s performance underwater are discussed later in the article.

The Tripod is also available with the device for stable shooting

Akaso V50X tiny tripod

Technical Specs and Performance

Akaso V50X Specifications

The device has quite capable hardware that allows support for many good usable resolutions. I can say that 30FPS in 4K is a delight to watch, and while the stabilization is not rock-steady or hyper-smooth as labelled for other action cameras. But, it is very close to them. The Electronic stabilization shows weakness only if I start running, and overall it still looks relatively stable. In my opinion, the stabilization with V50X is better than any other Akaso model and, in a good light, way better even than SJCAM’s SJ8 and SJ9 series, at almost half the price.

2K at 60FPS is slightly more than FULL HD but still a little better than FULL HD. There also is a feature to reduce the wide-angle distortion, and you will eventually find out that it can not simultaneously run with stabilization.


The smartphone application, instead of building it themselves, Akaso uses the Roadcam App, which is primarily for car DVRs – and well deserves its rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars in play store and app store- not something good for prospective customers.

Akaso V50X Smartphone app

As for the button, navigation is considered; Akaso V50X is the same as the other family members. The device has an on and off button on the front and many controls on the sides. The top is the shutter button, and the side buttons go up and down in the menus.

Akaso V50X buttons

These buttons, without the waterproof case, are easier to handle from the touch screen. But if you place the waterproof case, each of the buttons has an assigned long-press action, so if you need to adjust something, it is pretty straightforward. Switching to another resolution underwater is only possible with the V50X. There is a dedicated red filter in the menus on the top, and on the other side, unfortunately, there is no waterproof rating without the case.



Akaso V50X Hardware

The Akaso V50X is enabled with a Hisilicon chipset and a Sony sensor of 13mp. It looks like the new trend for the good affordable action cams – because of the colour reproduction, stabilization capabilities and bearable noise levels.

The display is touch and very well responding. The significant part is that the camera is also equipped with pretty good buttons when it comes to diving. It is better than GoPro and Osmo’s action for diving because operating the camera underwater with the touchscreen is similar to impossible missions.

Akaso V50X DJI OSMO action

Switching between modes and resolutions underwater within seconds is only possible with Akaso V50X.

Akaso V50X Performance with Case

Akaso has created such an affordable and, at the same time, a good piece of tech which essentially has everything needed. Having an external mic makes a considerable difference, and Akaso V50X is the first action cam on the market. A micro-USB port can handle an external mic that limits you to the Akaso option only but immediately turns this into the most affordable 4K action cam with stabilization in 4K and external audio.

Akaso V50X External micrphone port

What we thought to see improved

Akaso V50X is enabled with every feature required for a good action camera, including a good video recording and a lot of other helpful accessories.

Shortly, I will score Akaso V50x as the best action camera for $100, Great for any sport – biking, hiking, carting, skiing, swimming, especially suitable for diving.

Product Links

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXkYmWw6Fv0

Akaso V50X: https://geni.us/pXBo​

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