9 of the Most Useful Items You Can 3D Print

9 of the Most Useful Items You Can 3D Print

3D printing is a technological marvel that still baffles the minds of many. The process is getting so intricate that flying cars may not seem like the craziest idea in the future. But while people work to revolutionize tomorrow, let’s focus on the nine most useful items you can 3D print today.

Cord Separators

Everyone can relate to having a power strip that has multiple wires entangled with each other. Leaving cords tangled is a good way to fray them, requiring you to purchase replacements. Using a 3D printer to make cable holders will keep your cords from turning into a knot.

Phone Stands

People rely on their phones for hours of entertainment. When taking a break from the constant scrolling to watch a show, many will prop their phone up on a pillow or blanket. Rather than bunching your favorite blanket to keep your phone upright, you can 3D print a phone stand to do the heavy lifting.

Hooks for Clothes or Tools

You can always use hooks to hang up your items and maximize the room available on the floor, a workbench, or in the closet. Hooks keep things clean and organized without contributing to clutter. It’s much easier to grab something off the hook than dig for it.

Pencil Holders

It’s common to need a writing utensil and not find one at home. You can use a 3D printer to house your writing utensils instead of relying on a messy junk drawer.

Bottle Openers

You don’t want to bring home a tasty beverage only to find out you cannot open it without a bottle opener. Even if you are a resourceful individual, it’s better to have a 3D-printed tool on hand.

Toothbrush Bristle Case

Frequent travelers know how important it is to bring their toothbrushes along. However, you don’t want to carry it with other materials that could stick to the bristles. As an alternative to using the plastic tubular case, use a 3D printer to create a home for your bristles.

Surviving Whistles

Having a whistle can prove beneficial for coaching and safety situations. Amazingly, with the advancement of 3D printers, you can now duplicate a whistle and its sound to perfection, alerting people around you to your presence.

Chip Bag Clips

If you have the discipline not to scarf down a bag of chips in a day, you will need something to help keep them fresh. Rolling the bag only does so much, whereas clipping the bag shut is more effective. 3D print a bag clip and enjoy crunchy chips days after opening the bag.

Table Coasters

You should never set down a beverage without a barrier between the drink and the table. Larry David did an entire episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm about “respecting wood” using a coaster, so don’t disappoint Larry—use a 3D-printed coaster.

Hopefully, this list of nine of the most useful items you can 3D print gives you some good ideas for using your 3D printer. Take advantage of this fine piece of technology for even the most mundane things.