5 Tips for Maintaining Your Video Camera


5 Tips for Maintaining Your Video CameraVideo cameras are essential to film production. They influence the quality of your content, your production productivity, and your filming capabilities. As a major piece of film equipment, video cameras are invaluable during a film shoot. Here are five tips for maintaining your video camera to make your investment worthwhile.

1. Carry and Store With Care

Make sure to store and carry your camera with care between shoots and film productions. From the lenses to the screen, video cameras have multiple delicate components requiring gentle handling.

Storage and transportation generate plenty of opportunities to put your camera at risk of expedited wear and tear. They make your camera vulnerable to elemental exposures (rain, heat, sunlight, and cold) and collisions with other surfaces. Protect your camera during travels and filming breaks with padded, durable, and secure storage and carrying solutions.

2. Avoid Prolonged Direct Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight adds excellent natural lighting to your film sets, but when directed at your video camera, it causes many issues. The sun provides more than just light; it also generates heat.

Leaving your camera directly under the sun for a prolonged period can cause your filming equipment to overheat. It could short-circuit your camera’s electronic wiring, damage your camera’s sensors, and shut down the battery. The sun further affects your camera with its UV ray radiation which alters how your camera refracts and filters light. Keep your filming equipment out of direct sunlight—with covers, shading, and limited time spent outdoors—and you’ll maintain the quality of your camera.

3. Clean Regularly and With the Right Supplies

Dirt and debris easily get trapped between buttons, lenses, and screens. They clog important openings and scratch any surface they come into contact with.

Regularly cleaning your video camera prevents damage from dirt and debris. It preserves your camera’s condition and reduces wear and tear. To clean with care and avoid causing additional damage, invest in the right cleaning supplies, like specialized kits equipped with dusters, air blowers, microfiber cloths, and lens cleaning fluid.

4. Double-Check Mounts and Stands

Everything from the lenses you use to the battery makes video cameras typically run heavy. With all that weight packed in them, video cameras are vulnerable to tipping over in stands and falling off mounts. Anytime you strap in your camera, double-check that it’s secured on tightly and that the stands and mounts are correctly balanced.

5. Avoid Eating and Drinking While Filming

Depending on the content you record, some film shoots take up a whole day, from sunrise to long past sunset. Ensuring your crew stays hydrated and well-fed is essential, but any food and water near your camera puts your equipment at risk.

Sticky residue, crumbs, and spilled liquids can cause a lot of damage to your camera. They jam buttons, scratch lenses and screens, and short-circuit important sensors and electrical components. Avoid eating and drinking while using your cameras to keep them protected and in top condition for longer.

There are many ways to tell if your video camera is due for an upgrade. However, before you get to that point, it’s important to try to extend your equipment’s longevity to ensure the money you spend is a worthy investment. Maintain your video cameras with these five handling and care tips, and ensure you get the most out of your cameras, from quality shots and productive sets, until it’s time for an update.