4 Tips for Ensuring Your Printer Never Jams

4 Tips for Ensuring Your Printer Never Jams

We don’t appreciate printers enough. Every home can possess a printing press for spreading ideas, producing art, and promoting goods and services. But like any device, there’s always the potential for a technological issue that can hinder the presses. If you want to guarantee your printer continues to offer unimpeded service, here are four tips for ensuring your printer never jams.

Protect Your Paper

Often, most printer jams are the result of an issue with the paper. For starters, be sure to use only paper (or other mediums) approved for use in your printer. The owner’s manual should specify to types of paper least likely to cause issues. You also need to keep your plotter paper dry, putting it in a room or storage container free from moisture or the possibility of spills. Installing a dehumidifier also helps. Dry, flat paper is less likely to jam your printer.

Look After the Loading

If a printer continues to jam, it might be a case of improperly loaded paper. Ensure the ream or roll fits properly in the tray or device. Uneven loading can lead to misfeeds, jamming, and messy printouts. Take the time to ensure the paper fits properly and listen for a confirmatory click or other alert that gives the all-clear. In the event it continues to jam, consult the owner’s manual, or look for an online tutorial. More than likely your printer company offers an FAQ on common loading issues through their website.

One Paper at a Time, Please

Sometimes one job requires cardstock while another needs photo paper. All is well and good, until you forget and leave a stack of one paper type atop another in the printer tray. The different quality, finishes, or grains can lead to paper getting stuck to one another, increasing jams and sometimes torn and shredded paper. When you finish a print, remember to remove the paper you used before starting the next one. This is also a good way to save money since you’re not accidentally wasting high-quality paper on everyday print jobs.

Keep It Clean

Here’s the last of our four tips for ensuring your printer never jams. Make sure your printer is clean, inside, and outside. Don’t just wipe down the printer glass with a microfiber cloth. Look inside and see if there’s a build up of dust, toner, or other debris. Clean it out with an occasional vacuuming and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to prevent the accumulation of material that can stick to the paper. Also, inspect the rollers for wear and tear since this can put the kibosh on a clean and legible printout.