4 of the Best Hobbies To Do at Home on the Computer


The 21st century has ushered in a dramatic increase in technology and gadgets. With smart devices, broadband networks, and Internet capability around every corner, there’s no escaping the popularity of computers today. Fortunately, if you’re a computer enthusiast, you can get involved in a wide range of activities. Here are four of the best hobbies to do at home on the computer to help you find a new passion.



Coding is the bread and butter of all things computational. It is the main driver behind how computers—and really, all tech devices—operate software. With hundreds of coding languages out there, you have many opportunities to expand your knowledge base. With coding, you can further educate yourself on software development, video game design, IT, informatics, and more. However, it’s important to have patience, as coding is a time-consuming endeavor with a big learning curve.

Digital Art

Digital art is another passion for those on the creative side. Whereas traditional art involves paper, canvas, pencil, paint, and other physical objects, digital art is a bit different. Digital art refers to the software used to design, color, and create artwork on a tablet or computer. There are many tools and accessories available to help the aspiring digital artist. For instance, digital artists typically use a stylus and digital drawing gloves, which allow for precise accuracy and stability without messing up your artwork. Those passionate about digital art typically go further into animation as a lucrative career choice.


Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is another one of the best hobbies to do at home on the computer. Crypto mining requires unprecedented commitment and some technological and financial understanding. Similar to trading stocks and bonds, the crypto markets are filled with thousands of different cryptocurrencies, each with its own respective algorithm, blockchain technology, hash rate, and reward potential. Still, crypto mining is one of the best tech hobbies to do at home as long as you have the right mining rig and setup. Who knows, you may even gain enough rewards to sell at a high cost and reap considerable profits. Just remember to monitor your crypto wallet regularly and stay up to date with market trends. You don’t want to risk selling too early when there’s still opportunity to increase your net profits at a later time.



Finally, you can also consider influencing. Today’s emphasis on social media and influencer culture has proven that becoming a social media influencer is a highly sought-after career path. Even if influencing breaks away from traditional hobbies, many people around the globe want to tune into your personal lifestyle habits. Some people enjoy wanting video gamers stream their favorite games, while others want to watch fitness enthusiasts and their everyday dietary and training habits. There are even countless makeup and beauty influencers guiding people on proper skin care techniques. Whichever the focus, influencing remains one of the most popular hobbies anyone with a computer or smartphone can do.