360 Vacuum Cleaner S10: A Robot Vacuum cleaner with Tri-dimensional LIDAR navigation

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10: A Robot Vacuum cleaner with Tri-dimensional LIDAR navigation

360 Vacuum cleaner S10 is a robot vacuum cleaner that uses its triple-eye LIDAR sensors to see 360 degrees and clean your house without having blind spots. No blind spots indicate that no bumping into furniture and preventing surrounding things and itself from damaging to increase its lifetime.

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10

It learns the layout of your household quickly and takes the most effective route to clean your house. Let’s know more about this intriguing tech to learn what more it has to offer in everyday usage.

First Impressions

First Impression

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – First Impression

When you unbox your 360 S10, you get the standard package: the main unit, the charging dock, the mop, and the user guide.

 First Impression

LIDAR Comparison

We notice right away that the bump for laser navigation is absent. Most robots these days have the circular mini-tower on top, which has a spinning laser that is supposed to detect nearby objects and, based on that, build a more accurate map and improve navigation.

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – Laser

It has three lasers – main, front, and wall and all of them work in a slightly different way. Although you won’t see them in daylight, but they are the reason for the most precise mapping I have ever seen.

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – 3D mode details

Just look at the number of details when we switch to 3d mode.

S360 Vacuum cleaner S10 key features


S10 has a water tank on the rear side and it is one of the largest on a vacuum robot with the option to be electrically controlled. The main brush of S10 has a mechanism to remove any hair that is stuck easily. A dust box is included as well, and you need to lift the access panel to take it.

S10’s specifications include a 5000 mAh battery, a 520 ml water tank, a 500 ml dust box, a 3.35-inch slim body with a suction power of 3300 pa and 3.85 kg. It also has built-in WIFI, a smartphone app to control it, multi-floor maps, and 10-stage noise reduction.

That sounds like a good package, and the suction power is excellent, knowing that there are four different grades, with the strongest being able to lift steel balls with the size of a soybean.


Rice Test

During most of my tests I have seen devices doing well, but also miserably failing with the results ranging between 52 and 59 grams collected rice. For the first time, with these tests that I carried out, I got 60 out of 60 grams and managed to find half a dozen grains that the robot missed.

I have not seen precision like this, not to mention the empty bottle in the middle, which didn’t fall and proves that most of the items can be left out on the floor. You shouldn’t place LEGO pieces as they can be sucked in by S10.

Wet Mopping

Mopping is our next feature, and we want to see how effective it is by putting it to the test. A great advantage here is the large water-controlled tank. It will let you mop an area twice as large as other robots can mop.

I started with the bathroom first, and the laser navigation supported the SLAM algorithm pretty well. But the real challenge is when you do that in a room with carpets. You can define the mopping behaviour in the app, and thanks to 3d analysis, the robot can detect where the carpets are and avoid mopping them. The y-shaped mopping is not available on S10.

360 Vacuum cleaner S10 App

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – APP

S10 has a smartphone app with tons of features, and for this model, in particular, you can save multiple floor maps out of the box, and you can edit them.

There is a smart detection system that can recognize different rooms or areas. You can create no-go zones, and you can also define clean-only zones. Firmware updates, language packs, maintenance tips and tricks, status data – there’s so much info everywhere. And to be entirely hands-free – you can of course integrate with Alexa and Google Home.

If you are wondering whether robot supports a specific pack then the answer is probably yes. Automatic carpet boost can now detect almost anything; scheduling, obstacle avoidance, different smart modes, automatic return to the dock, floating mechanism around the main brush, easily replaceable filters.

360 Vacuum cleaner S10 Drawbacks

360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – Drawbacks

I should probably tell you about the drawbacks; I am a bit nervous about the English pack, although there is a notable improvement now. We wish they added an option for double dry or double wet cleaning in the app. The shaped algorithm is also missing.


360 Vacuum Cleaner S10 – Price

S10 is 360 smart life’s solution, and it is a brilliant vacuum cleaner. It is my new favourite vacuum cleaner, and I think it is the start of a new era.

S10 happens to be their most expensive flagship – starting at 519 during the crowdfunding campaign with an expected retail price of 799$. I am sure that you would like it and it would become more like a standard feature for the best robots in the future.

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