3 Reasons Your Downloaded Files Are Incomplete


The internet will often involve downloads of various files and data. Sometimes, something may go wrong in the download process, and the downloaded content will become incomplete. Avoiding these causes of an incomplete download is important, and if you want to learn more about why this may occur, read on for a better understanding.

The File Is No Longer on the Server

During the downloading process, the data must be available from the host’s server for your computer. If this data becomes unavailable or taken off the server, the download will appear incomplete. In this case, you will have only a partial amount of data, showing nothing.

Your file isn’t complete or lacks the information it needs to produce anything on the screen to see. Check the host’s site to see if the file is still available by refreshing the page; if the file you wanted to download is no longer available, it most likely isn’t on the server or is locked by the host.

Internet Connection Lost

The most common cause of an incomplete download is a lost connection to the source. There are numerous causes of a lost connection, such as interference or damaged equipment.

A download requires a continuous connection, even if that connection is slow. People in IT will often use various equipment to ensure their downloads and uploads aren’t impeded and won’t have partial data transfer. This is why many use wired connections instead of wireless.

One of the benefits of wired connections is the stable signal from one source to another that has less chance of interference from sources such as radio or electromagnetic waves. Maintaining a connection is essential for securing a download and preventing information transferred from becoming incomplete.

Firewall or Malware Interference

Most modern computer systems will have a built-in firewall or anti-malware software to scan downloaded content to ensure it’s safe. If there is a malicious code in the data transferred after a completed download, the system software will not allow you to open it. The file may show up as an incomplete download.

Although it is for your protection to secure your personal files, it’s annoying to encounter this after a long download of a file you may need. Make sure you check all settings of your firewall and anti-malware software to ensure they won’t prevent you from viewing downloads from certain sources.

Downloading incomplete files is a nuisance, and it’s important to understand why they’re incomplete so you can receive all the data you need. Remember these causes the next time your downloaded file is incomplete to fix the problem swiftly.