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YH 19HW – a budget DJI Mavic Air clone with many features

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YH 19HW – a budget DJI Mavic Air clone with many features

The main advantage of having a clone drone is the price tag. Do not confuse the advanced technologies that companies like DJI implement with the rather entry-level setup we get here.
On the other side it is admirable to see what is packed within this sub-50 dollar model.


The box indicates two different camera options – there’s a 0.3Mpix version and a 2-Megapixel camera. Most of the features are rather discretely marked on the side, and the white color resembles the design strategy of … you know who.
We immediately are made aware of the FPV function which is based on a connection with the smartphone via the app.
Before getting our hands on the YH 19 the manufacturer gives us the user guide. I had to read it before my first take off, because some of the controls slightly differ from their regular positions. The flight controller seems to support every feature a toy-grade drone may offer – altitude hold, three speeds, headless mode and flips to impress the others. There is a quick tutorial for the mobile app, and once you put it away we have access to the real gear. Spare props, charging cable and demo-screwdriver included.


Features and quality

The drone can fit in almost any pocket, so does the transmitter. Compact and very functional, and you can even shoot selfies, although in rather poor quality. This transmitter is the closest to how the spark one looks like. Materials feel quite different and these antennas here have one and only purpose – to look beautiful. There’s no wire inside – they are just a cosmetic addition.
Because I dislike the stock screwdriver so much… taking this shortcut to find out that you need 3x AA batteries to feed it with power.
And now – his majesty – the YH 19. Good looking and I am saying it in advance – well performing.
Although cheaply built, I like the design better than older foldable clones like the XS809. Mechanisms are clicky, there seem to be no wires exposed to dangerous friction and the LEDs are beautiful.
As for the battery – 800mah, and I wish slightly better plastic has been used for the housing. The biggest advantage is the availability of micro USB port. You can easily find a charger literally everywhere.
Just like the DJI spark and many other drones lately, binding happens automatically, a few seconds after you turn the drone on and switch the transmitter on.
This quadcopter supports functions like altitude hold, headless mode, 360-degree flips, return to home, three-speed switch, WiFi operation and many others.

Because there is no GPS integrated, you better keep it within short distance when flying. The drone is very responsive to commands, and you may even control it via the smartphone app. I’ll rate the flight performance as very good, because of the well balanced communication between the drone and the TX. Surprisingly, although the WiFi is on all the time, it seems to not delay any inputs or interfere with the joystick. A full battery charge will give you up to 10 minutes of autonomy.

Flight performance is good, and the camera on the other side could be better. Likely the 2-megapixel model will capture significantly nicer footage. Having no SD card slot leaves you with the only option of recording via the app. Of course, the video quality is incomparable with the much more expensive DJI Spark. And still – at this price point I can’t point to something that this quadcopter is lacking.
What do you think? I believe this is very portable drone with good specs for the price you pay. Should you decide to buy it – get a modest discount using the links in the description below. Make sure to fly responsibly you drones and I am looking forward to see you soon.

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