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Xiaomi Mijia and its Gimbal – get your perfect steady 4K footage!

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Xiaomi Mijia and its Gimbal – get your perfect steady 4K footage!

You already know the Mijia actioncam. What you likely haven’t seen yet is this awesome stabilizer which is specially developed for that camera. If you are wondering whether other action cams will be compatible – better think of getting a more universal stabilizer.

Hardware-wise this gimbal brings nothing revolutionary – three brushless motors, 5000mah battery with 4-8 hours of operation and a super fancy handle. No tripod mount though. What makes the whole thing special is the ability to control the camera. Dedicated buttons to shoot photos and video. Exposure adjustment, self timer, power controls – that can all happen without even a single touch on the camera screen.


The size of the handle supports standard rings and attaching to your bike is a tempting option. You also have full control over the camera and the gimbal via the Mi Home app. You may adjust the performance of the gimbal, the reaction time of the motors, and also to update the firmware. I had to do it once already, because the initial version was disconnecting from the camera too often. Meaning that the camera continues to operate, but the gimbal is not able to control it any longer via its buttons. The newer firmware improved that, however did not fix it entirely.
As for footage. I’ll just remind you – 4K without any limits – no more shakiness, no more limited hand movements. Take the maximum out of every shot. Because the gimbal also charges the camera, you won’t run out of battery for at least 4 hours. So the only bottleneck you may have is the capacity of the SDcard 😀 Wow!

The control angles are not superb, but are still excellent – you get 110 degrees for tilting and rolling and 360-degree panning. Welcome panorama photos and videos!
Conclusion – the perfect match. If you are looking for steady footage with the Mijia camera – this is the best option. Pity there is no convenient carrying case… yet!
So far I have been talking about advantages only. There are two flaws I could mention – the camera generates some noise when recording because of the motor vibrations. Not too bad but noticeable. And, sometimes the USB connection between the gimbal and the cam just stops working. That should be fixed via update.

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Here is a video review of the 3-Axis gimbal with the camera attached:

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