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Xiaomi 10000mah SLIM power bank – the reliable power source!

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Xiaomi are known for their power banks since they released their first 10000mah device, which unfortunately had a lot of fakes, mostly because was based on 18650 batteries that were quite easy to be replaced with low-cost no-name ones..

Xiaomi are consistent with their design among generations and you can see that the distribution of port, button and LEDs is the same.
Packaging is fine, however not protective enough in my opinion.


A charging cable and some papers are included.
Xiaomi’s philosophy has always been to make things as simple as possible, and this minimalistic approach is visible here. If you are an advanced user – you will be a bit disappointed. A single USB port, a micro USB port for charging the battery itself, indicators and a power button. The last one has luckily two modes, enabling you to go into low-power charging mode (good for low-power devices like bluetooth headsets and other similar). And let’s note that Xiaomi managed to pack all that within 215 grams! Maximum output is 2.4A, and it of course supports quick charge 2.
You will find this power bank at around 20 bucks, and from time to time there are discounts going as low as $12. I’d recommend buying a protective case – I already ordered one, however it still hasn’t made its way through the postal service.
Impressions from that battery are still quite fresh for me and it is hard to say about long-term performance. It managed to charge my OP3 two consecutive times, which is slightly worse than what I expected. Note that actual output capacity is 6900, which is noted on the manufacturer’s website.
Considering the tendency of batteries getting more expensive it is nice to see such a well-built power bank at this modest price.
If you like it, there is a link with a decent discount to the product. And let me know which is your favorite power bank? I still enjoy using my Oneplus powerbank, although now it’s 3 years old.


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