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WLtoys F949 RC Airplane – my first flight with plane felt awesome!

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WLtoys F949 RC Airplane – my first flight with plane felt awesome!

WLToys f949 is in fact based on a real model – Cessna 182 Skylane. It is an American four-seat, single-engined light airplane. It has the option of adding two child seats, installed in the baggage area. It was introduced in 1956. And around 60 years later – that is the interpretation of the Chinese company.

This aircraft was designed a couple of years ago, and because it is quite affordable it is still in production. I discovered a wide range of the price, whereas the European WL Toys store sells it for about 100EUR, and at the moment you can get it for 36 from the German warehouse of, which kindly provided the plane for a test.
I’d classify this drone as a DIY toy – there is some preparation that you need to do on your own.
As expected, the box is super lightweight, because the body is done out of EPP. Be careful with the assembly because most of wrong joints or bents will likely cause the need of buying a replacement part. Luckily spares are easy to find and not expensive at all.

You can see here the transmitter – requires 6 batteries, and promises about 300 meters of range. I only tested up to 150 with no issues. Having no FPV onboard made me nervous about going any further without any automatic return-to-home options .
Putting the aircraft together is rather easy if you follow the manual. The three motors and the prop are pre-installed for you. The main wing has to be installed. Landing gear too.
During the whole setup I wanted to use the originally provided screwdriver. As usual – it is easier use a better one.
The rear side doesn’t need your intervention, as it comes installed from the factory.
Everything which is left is installing the battery and going out for a flight.
If you believe that putting the plane together took me too long time – please be indulgent about my skills, as it is my first plane to fly with 🙂 . And I got the feeling it is a suitable choice for beginners like me.

Again, speaking from the prospective of someone that has only flown with drones and helicopters – took me a while to get used to the controls. Once mastered – wow – that is fun! On a windy day this aircraft will be quite to impossible to fly with – being very lightweight makes it more vulnerable to wind than small drones even. On a full battery cycle you may fly up to 25 minutes. Spare batteries are dirt cheap. If you own an old Syma x5c or JJRC H31 – they use the same micro-losi connector and you may use them.
Conclusion – flying my first plane was fun! In fact a lot of fun. And being able to fly for 25 minutes is awesome. I can see some options to attach a lightweight FPV system,. Putting an action camera or something for decent aerial photography is unthinkable due to the weight. This device is build for flying within a short range and does that pretty well.
Thanks for being here and I will see you soon!


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