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ThiEye V5s – The Best Allwinner V3 action camera is here!

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ThiEye V5s – The Best Allwinner V3 action camera is here!



  • CLP & UV lens filters
  • many accessories
  • affordable 4K camera
  • 2-inch display
  • WiFi support


  • Interpolated 4K
  • Poor audio qualityRating:
(3.9 / 5)

Full Specification

  • Value 1
  • Value 2
  • Value 3
  • Value 4
  • Value 5

Action cameras… I love them! Having had the chance to own almost every single interesting model for the last few years gives me the chance to look into the raise of these devices and just enjoy the pace which their development has. Here’s another interesting take on the popular budget chipset Allwinner V3. Thieye V5s is the newest member of my collection. In fact you may also find it online branded as V6. Unlike previous Thieye models, this one is using low end hardware, but the price remains just below the mid-range and high-end offers. Is it worth the money – you can decide for yourself.

Unboxing and accessories

I’ve always liked companies that have an eye for the detail and Thieye are certainly among them. Remember the fancy packaging of the T5e? Well – we go budget this time – friendly box materials and the great surprise of having a lot of accessories. Unlike the older V-series model, we have two lens filters included. That’s cool!
The only thing I’d miss is a basic frame, but for my testing the Firefly 8s frame was a good enough fit. And unfortunately ThiEye keep up with the tradition of ignoring the importance of including a frame.

Features and characteristics

Battery is close to 1200mah, giving you good 90 minutes of FullHD shooting. There is a nice cover for the mini-HDMI and the mini USB port. Because the USB type used is mini, I’ve thought that despite the lack of advertisement, the camera may still accept an external mic. And I confirm – this is not the case, unfortunately. This leaves us with rather poor audio quality – it records mono and the frequency range covered is bad, on top of the overall unpleasing for the ear sound. Still the V5e offers the best microphone experience among every Allwinner V3-based camera I’ve seen or heard so far.
The unique about this camera is of course the lens and what we can put in front of it =). Hardware-wise it uses Ommnivision ov4689, which is a 4-megapixel sensor. I know what you are thinking – and it would be right to say that indeed the 4K advertised recording here is interpolated. To film in proper 4K you need at least an 8-megapixel capable sensor.
And in today’s world of action cameras having this kind of miscalculations is considered to be normal. That’s why you read this kind of reviews, right?

Video recording performance

The real strength of that camera is the low light performance – something I’m about to show in a separate deep dive video. Considering the low-megapixel sensor that makes good sense.
In terms of daylight shooting – if you have sunshine and enough lumens – the picture is sharp, colors are accurate and distortions are not too irritating. From all the Allwinner-based action cams this one is the best by far. You have tidy menus and all the features you may want to adjust.
Resolutions vary – from 720p@120fps up to 4k. Photos are up to 12 megapixel. As for the remaining features – exposure compensation, car mode and some other cool extras. Firmware is available from the official Thieye website.


If you are interested in getting an affordable action camera and would like to impress the others by applying filters – the V5s is the right choice for you. If audio quality and real 4K are priorities, better hunt for another product, although you will have to pay a bit higher price.
For what is offers, the ThiEye V5s is a good camera and as already mentioned – the most advanced among the Allwinner-V3-chipsed based products.

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As usual we are offering you two video reviews: the unboxing and the “deep dive”. Enjoy!



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