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ThiEye T5 Edge – unboxing, menu walk-through and first impressions of a great 4K action camera

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ThiEye T5 Edge – unboxing, menu walk-through and first impressions of a great 4K action camera

In this review we will get to know the new ThiEye’s model – the T5 Edge.

On theory it should be a great camera! And this stylish box means two things – first – Thieye try to make it look fancy, like Go Pro, and second – we will have some accessories included.

Having a description of each one of them on the package is great. You may notice that there is no frame added and I’d point to this with the hope that Thieye will include it in their next models.

Everything so far looks solid, well-built, with a good taste of style. I could only criticize this weird-looking orange 4K stamp which stays next to the LEDs. It’s better off without it.

There’s a good looking user manual in several languages.
And here’s the gorgeous t5 Edge – a closer look shows the excellent choice of materials combined with a solid assembly. My old t5e model had numerous drops and has proved to be very durable. I strongly believe the t5 Edge is no different. Two buttons on the side, for menu navigation. The power button is also used for switching between modes and settings via short press. And of course the shutter button on top. Under the hood we have a modified Ambarella A12 chipset which can stabilize electronically even 4k, and that is combined with a Panasonic 14MP sensor.

A Thieye tradition is to keep the camera and the battery in the retail box apart.
Once we put everything together we’re set for shooting.

The menus have a lot of common features. And a few unique. The “wind noise reduction” seems to be the reason for the weird sounding voice from the beginning. Such an option I see for the first time – the idea is great. Turning this option off shows that microphone quality is far from being good, although records stereo. I so much hope it is firmware fixable. Notice that ISO can go up to 3200. That’s … WOW! Some good photo options, including long exposure up to 60 seconds. Which can turn a dark night image into this. It is shot al only 30-second exposure. Otherwise it is so overexposed that you get the feeling that you enter the paradise. And I promise you – for a shot done with such a small lens – it looks stunning. The rest of the settings are rather boring, exception is the firmware section. I’ve already updated once, and for a product which has been out for just a few weeks – a good indication of support commitment.

When speaking with the Thieye team via facebook, they seem to be most proud of a few features:
– Native 4k
– Voice and remote control
– Stabilization even in 4K
– distortion correction (which fixes the fisheye effect caused by the wide angle lensit is one of the first cameras with Aqua mode explicitly designed for underwated experience. I won’t be able to test that soon. More likely to burry myself in snow. That wouldn’t be fun though.

As usual, I have my remarks. Design-wise – the “4K” logo on the front was not necessary. I miss the 120fps Full HD from the T5e. Microphone needs corrections, but I appreciate it records stereo.
I haven’t said that so far, but when I sat down to choose footage for this video I did feel the “WOW effect”. Picture is stunning. There’s something with the colors which makes the picture warm and natural. And no matter what lighting conditions – that thing shoots good.

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Stay tuned for our deep dive review. As usual – here are more photos of the camera and our traditional video review:

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  1. Hello,
    Did you manager to test the E7 underwater?
    Is there a “dive mode” (on/off) in the menu, to manage white balance?
    (I’ ve seen this info on Thieye website, but nowhere else).


  2. Hi Peggy,

    I won’t be able to test the camera underwater before June (if at all).

    But: there is such a mode on the E7 – VideoSetting – > Video Scene Mode -> Water

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