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Tanix TX9 Pro review – the best Android TV Box for 2017?!

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Tanix TX9 Pro review – the best Android TV Box for 2017?!

Disclaimer: ROOT and TWRP boot are shown in the video below the article. To boot to TWRP – copy the supplied .zip file to a USB drive and boot to the original recovery, then apply it as an update. It is not recommended to replace the original recovery. Use AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! That might void your warranty.

Tanix have recently released the new member of their (most successful) TX series – the TX9 Pro. Throughout the years the TX-devices have been praised for their good build quality and high end features offered at a great price. The latest model is no different.
It actually has a lot of similarities with the hardware present in the TX8 Max model.
Powered by the AMlogic s912, you can count on the most advanced amlogic 64bit CPU, offering great speed and 8 cores.
You also count on 3GB DDR4 (although according to a deeper research it seems to be DDR3). Wifi is dual band and AC mode is supported too! You get also gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1, 32GB EMMC.


On the outside that device shines too:
Stylishly built, with reasonable size, a nice LED display on the front and elegant blue illumination on the top. We can see two USB ports, SPDIF, the LAN port, HDMI 2.0b and a power connector.
On theory it all sounds great. And at a price only $60 in October 2017, that is one of the best investments if you are looking to buy a 4K TV box.


The launcher seems to be customized, and … although I am a huge Nova Launcher fan, I have to admit – it may be a bit heavy, but is the best launcher of a TV box I have used so far. It is tidy, well organized and very functional, even if you use a non-air mouse.
The thing staying behind TX TV center is of course KODI. The app launcher is one click away and then you have access to the settings. I was curious to test the “kill” apps feature. It is one of the very few bloat-like addons you get. And it just kills the apps in the background – something that I don’t believe is important for a device with 3GB of RAM…
As a person who always uses an air-mouse, I had to be quite patient with the provided remote. And my patience lasted like … 5 minutes. Typing on the keyboard made me switch to my favorite Minix Neo A2 Lite. Surprisingly almost all of its buttons were working. Only the “recent” and “properties” buttons were swapped.
Tanix has designed a nice settings panel covering the features you most often need. Should you need more, then go to “more settings” menu. Should you need even more – go to the second “more settings” option.
Adding my Xiaomi game pad was super easy. all controls were working as they should.
Because my TV isn’t 4K I was unable to see how the tx9 performs when it is lightly more loaded. But my guess is hat it is among the best 4k TV boxes you can find right now, and certainly the best in its price range.
That review was possible thanks to the courtesy of Everything you have seen is genuine and as honest as it can be.


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And our video review:

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