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The best gimbal of 2017? Smooth Q

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The best gimbal of 2017? Smooth Q

The smooth Q is one of the most pleasant surprises that we got this year. Approaching Christmas it is of course the right time to highlight which products stand out. The Smooth Q is overall MARVELOUS. These are probably the best ~$120 you can spend on a gimbal.

It feels good when a tech piece comes in a solid package. As you can see, the unboxing experience is above average.

We immediately notice that Smooth Q uses cradle mechanism for attaching your smartphone. It has rubberized legs – no chance of adding scratches to the devices you are filming with.

Control section has following components: Bluetooth indication, battery level LED, the joystick, the shifter lever and the mode button. The latter one is used for enabling the following mode. And yeah – tracking objects is a part of its features.


Though the smartphone app, of course

There is a mount option at the bottom of the handle.

To fully charge the battery you will need 2.5 hours. And you may count on 9-12 hours of operation.

There is of course a convenient app that you may run from your smartphone. There’s plenty of features that you may control, and fine-tuning of panning, tilting and rolling are among them. So are firmware updates and object tracking functions.


Something that the user guide won’t tell you is that you can actually mount action cameras! You may either buy the designed for GoPro plate, or use the easy trick shown in the video. And since we are highlighting where the Smooth Q shines – 360 degree unlimited panning, and up to 320 degrees for rolling and tilting. That’s impressive . It easily beats the Vimble c with the 360-degree rotation.

Battery life is also great! On top of that the Smooth Q is also a power bank – yeah – a lovely feature! So is the original carrying hard-case – protective and shock-absorbing.

At that price range, we should really be very thankful to Zhiyun-Tech for releasing this fantastic budget gimbal. You’d pay around 1/3 of what the DJI Osmo costs, and I’m pretty sure that if you prioritize budget over brand and marketing, you won’t remain disappointed.


✔ Zhiyun Smooth Q  (8% OFF Coupon: toysho)



Here’s our youtube review and some super-stable footage recorded with the help pf SmoothQ:


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