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ODRVM 4K action camera – Unboxing and test [2018]

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ODRVM 4K action camera – Unboxing and test [2018]



  • Protective case for all accessories
  • Affordable price
  • Many accessories
  • Easy to find batter


  • Interpolated 4K
  • Falling behind other 2018 models


(3.9 / 5)

Time to review another very affordable action camera. Certainly not a trendsetter, but still an attractive package!


As usual we are exploring the packaging at the start. No need of razor this time – a stylish carrying box is what we have. And inside is the ODRVM’s first 4K camera. I’m not going to say true 4K camera, cause it ain’t… But… we had a wonderful start with this good looking assembly, so let’s carry on.
The price you pay for all that is around 80 USD. Accessories here are countless. You get more than the usual amount. Just to give you an idea – a pack of these costs around 30 dollars online. There even is a remote controller included! So is a spare battery among everything else.

 Features and Specs

Let’s explore the camera and its specs. As usual we find it locked in the waterproof housing. This is the same housing as the one on my favorite old sjcam SJ4000. And many companies kept on using it for many models of 2016 and 2017. Especially if they were using the SJ4000 body. Which is kind of iconic.

The camera is powered by Novatek NTK96660 chipset. As you probably know from previous reviews, it can produce interpolated 4K. This means that some of the pixels are doubled, so that they satisfy the requirements for 4K resolution, however these pixels do not bring any real picture data. And a lot of popular cameras have the very same setup and they still deliver quite good quality. A Sony IMX 078 sensor is responsible for the picture, and for the optics I received no detailed information. So far this camera has similar specs to some of the best models from 2016…
But they did some work on top of that adding some good firmware extras.

The menu navigation is tidy and follows the Novatek Chipset firmware traditions. Video options are many, and I was surprised to see the ability for VGA resolution. Photos are up to 20 megapixel. On the other side the sensor is capable of up just 12, so I will let you do the math here.

Interesting options for time lapse – I haven’t seen such low values recently (below 1s). Not that I will use them, but sometimes that could be a nice effect. You can use the camera as a car-DVR – there is luckily a menu that will cut off the power to the battery in order to extend its life. Nice to have – because my old SJ4000 didn’t have this feature and the battery was getting quite fat within a few months.

Here’s a quick look at the camera app. Main controls are available nd it works fine. And of course that will drain you battery much quicker.


Performance of this camera is OK. The colors are obviously warmer and pumped, which can be used as a distraction form the noise you will notice if you watch carefully. Because of the outdated sensor the smaller objects may look blurry, especially if you compare the image with sharper-capable newer models. I will remind you that the strongest selling point of the ODRVM is the price! The rest is not up to par with dedicated to actioncam development companies. I will still rate this camera as good, because you have a wonderful feeling when you carry and use the camera. And hopefully the follow up products will be prepared with the same attention on accessories and greater focus on hardware upgrades.


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