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MJX B2W Bugs 2 – the new entry level GPS king?

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This year we see the rise of many affordable drones that offer qualities typical for UAVs of much higher price-range. A couple of years ago functions like “GPS” and “altitude hold” have been reserved for quadcopters that cost more than 300-400 USD. Not any longer!

We will now review the newest member of that generation – the MJX Bugs 2, and particularly – the B2w – having a Wi-Fi FPV camera.


Unboxing and accessories

Just look at it – it is totally awesome! Good materials quality, although such a statement may be subjective. Still – plastic utilized seems to be good for its price. We can see powerful brushless motors, polished and clean design which reminds a well known model designed by Hubsan. You also have spare propellers, a charger, the remote controller with smartphone holder and a bunch of manuals.


Hardware and features

The motors are certainly powerful, however not powerful enough to lift the drone up when stacked with a gimbal and action camera.  You may want to check our video test showing the lack of power when applying such payload.

The usage of prop nuts is a good idea – we have seen this approach implemented by MJX with the Bugs 6 and Bugs 8 model. You no longer need a special tool for mounting and tightening the props as we do for the Bugs 3. Mentioning it – the Bugs 2, depending on the model (there is a “B2C” – only records on microSD – and a “B2W” – recording on SD and transmitting at the same time via WiFi) costs twice, or a little mode than twice than the B3.  Check our daily deals section for getting a coupon and checking for better price.

The Bugs 2 can do everything that the B3 can, plus altitude hold, headless mode, GPS, onboard camera, telemetry on the transmitter, operate at at least twice better range and feed FPV footage to a smartphone via 5.8Ghx Wifi. Doesn’t have any prop-gurds or extended legs. And the camera is fixed – there is no way to change the angle of shooting.


Battery life and flight performance

The Bugs 2 battery capacity is the same capacity as the Bugs 3 – 1800mah. This however comes at a semi-convenient housing. I say that because the charging port is a kind of pain to use. If you plan to utilize  older parts from the b3, the battery may be the only one, and you will need to purchase a housing.

Based on out experience, the batteries used by MJX are not of the best quality and degrade quickly in time. Ordering a battery with a higher C-rate may be a good idea!

Quite obviously the B2 model is competing other low-end GPS-capable drones. If you are choosing between this one and the Bayangtoys x21 or x16, keep in mind that they operate at 11.1 volts using a 3S battery, and support around 500gr payload, which means that you can easily mount an action  camera with gimbal on them. The Bugs 2 can carry just half of that weight and using a gimbal without serious modification is rather not possible.


Flight performance is satisfactory. The drone is stable and very well responding to commands. The FPV range is quite satisfactory, reaching up to 600 meters using OnePlus 3 smartphone. Note that you need a 5.8G capable device, otherwise you won’t be able to connect to the drone’s WiFi.

As for control distance – the Bugs 2 can easily fly beyond 1 kilometer, and there are some braver fellows that have reached more than two kilometers of range. The embedded in the transmitter telemetry reflects distances up to 999 meters only.

If you are looking for a decent flyer at a good price – the Bugs 2 may be the right choice for you! Head over to the coupon section and check for a discount, or you may order it from the links posted below.


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