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MGCOOL Explorer 2C – unboxing, first impressions and footage

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MGCool is another Chinese brand that might stay or go in time. They inherited the Elecam legacy and established themselves as low-end action-cam manufacturer.

The newest camera that they offer is the Explorer 2C. Advertised as a 4k camera, keep in mind it is based on a Novatek chipset that supports 2K only (4K resolution is available, however is interpolated). As for lens – Sony IMX078, which is well known and among the good optics for action cams.

If we need to highlight three things that make this camera unique:

– touch screen

– stabilization even in 4K (remember, interpolated!)

– voice controls

And that all costs less than 90 dollars!

The box you get is a kind of different to older models. You get some accessories, however not as many as we get for other cams. I can’t see that as disadvantage, because most people use just one or two out of them. Waterproof housing is there, so you are good for underwater experience.

Build quality is good. LED and shutter button are at the top, battery cap on the bottom,  and the function buttons are on the right side. The battery is 1050 mah, which is alright and has the same dimensions as the iconic SJCAM SJ4000 batteries. That means you can easily find cheap spare batteries.


The touch screen is excellent for its price range. And I like the fact you can use the buttons for navigation at the same time. I found no dead spots or whatsoever. If you pay attention to the menu scrolling you will realize that there are tons of features you may use for producing better footage.  Only option I couldn’t find is recording raw photos (although advertised by MGCool). You also count on four voice commands – starting and stopping a video, taking a picture and shutting the camera off. Some of them have to be repeated twice in order to be executed.

My first footage samples show pretty good stabilization, as well as good color reproduction. That camera easily puts to shame some other 2017 models that claim to be much more powerful.


✔ MGCool Explorer 2C @ Banggood




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