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Lenovo G66 Ministation – Android TV boxes can be beautiful!

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Lenovo G66 Ministation – Android TV boxes can be beautiful!



  • Powerful CPU
  • Initially designed as gaming station
  • Efficient colling
  • Beautiful design
  • Good performance


  • 32Bit CPU
  • Bulky
  • only 2GB RAM


(4.6 / 5)

Full Specification

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Lenovo G66 is probably the weirdest looking TV Box I have reviewed so far. It is designed to be part of your home’s decoration and doesn’t have much in common with the casual-styled TV boxes out there.

Unboxing and accessories

Also called the mini-station, in fact it was designed to be called Game station – it is developed by Lenovo and Tencent and was initially sold as  a mini gaming platform in China. And now we have a more international version of the ROM that has polished everything and turned it into a powerful Android TV box.

Specs and features

The package immediately mentions about the specs – 2GB RAM, quad-core CPU and decent graphics processor. We open the box and discover a beautiful-looking device. A piece of art! Stylish, minimalistic, polished. As heavy as a large-sized hammer – there is something special about this TV box. Ministation logo on one side, Lenovo logo is placed on the opposite side. On the back panel ports are as few as they can be – USB, HDMI, LAN and power port. You would ask – why just a single USB? And I won’t be able to give you a good answer, I am afraid. Cuz’ I have the same freakin’ question!

Oh, and this on the top is a sensor – it is used to bring it in and out of standby mode. Pretty cool. In the box you won’t find too much, except this wonderfully looking remote. I hoped for a few seconds it may be an air mouse. Aaaaand … it’s not.
These specs likely don’t mean much for most of you, but the performance is really mind-blowing, at least for the price point and compared to other similar TVboxes.


The whole thing is powered by Rockchip CPU, more precisely RK3288 – a model developed back in 2014. BUT – quite a high end model – that CPU is powering some Chromebooks, so do not underestimate its qualities.


Performance and software

We’re switching from hardware to software view: Typical AndroidTV launcher, which if I had to choose – is going to be quickly replaced by Nova launcher.
One problem occurred at the beginning – my display was not showing any RED gamma – which was fixed by switching to 50hz instead of 60hz from the settings menu.

Google Play store has the largest tile. You have quick access to most of the features. No status bar and no navigation bar!

Bloatware is brought to minimum, except this “Filmon addon”. Should you want to use it – it will download Bobdro – which is an app that constantly looks online for available streams and makes them available for playback. Keep in mind that this app is not available on Google Play Store.

KODI is of course another amazing opportunity for you, and it arrives pre-installed with its 17th version. The Antutu performance test has shown some fascinating achievements, scoring above every AMlogic S912-based TVbox. And I tend to agree with the good result – you can feel it while navigating across the TVbox menus. Gaming is also a strong point, and as mentioned earlier – in China this is targeted as a game station device.
I can carry on with superlatives – very good menus, control over almost everything you will need, and no software glitches, at least for the time of testing.
If we need to point to disadvantages – the Android here is just Lollipop and will likely stay like that. Luckily with rather fresh security patches. There is no root, Unfortunately. Tried with king root a few times with no luck.


At the end – this is an impressive TVbox. One of the fastest I’ve tried until now, and the absolutely best looking one. And when the design is combined with awesome hardware and perfect cooling – this is a reason to expect amazing experience.



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