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[REVIEW] Lenovo Cardio Plus (HX103W) – Best 2018 budget fitness tracker?

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[REVIEW] Lenovo Cardio Plus (HX103W) – Best 2018 budget fitness tracker?



  • Long lasting battery
  • Powerful chipset
  • USB charging


  • App could be better
  • Only a few strap options


(4.2 / 5)

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The latest big name joining the fitness trackers hype is Lenovo. They in fact released a good tracker last year – the HW01, but it wasn’t as popular as the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. So we are putting this new model on a test and review.
The more common name of this over-complicatedly named model HX03W is “Cardio Plus” and it indeed is a wonderful addition to the trackers world.


We can do the unboxing rather quickly. Not a spectacular package, and overall – that one suits well the price range. Lenovo is Lenovo, so we expect decent quality and good features.
First thing we stuck on is the user guide. Short, multilangiage, well designed and informative enough.
The bracelet looks to be done of good quality. The strap feels nice and compared with the Mi Band 2 – I would say it is no different.
My tracker arrived powered on, and I am not sure how long it is supposed to work in standby time, but so far it is impressive. Lenovo claims 7-day battery life and I can promise you it could be much more than that (if you do not use it at all, standby time can be up to 40 days!).

Features and Specs

The strengths of this band are beyond what’s  obvious.
First of all – the band is IP68 protected – meaning – protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water. Which means – it is fine for swimming. You won’t find any special modes for different sports – there is the general sports mode which you can start and do whatever activity you want, no matter the type of sport – whether that will be swimming, or cycling, or jogging. It is very simple to operate this mode – just go to sports, press and hold and you are all set.

Heart rate is also present and you can check that manually. What I found out is that the single measurements may not be that accurate, but as soon as you go into training mode, the sensor goes in continuous mode which is much more accurate. Considering that I am running the absolutely first firmware version I am certain that Lenovo will improve that.

I love the option of adjusting the homescreen look (watchface) – you can choose among a few styles and it is pretty nice! I could’t find a way to do that from the app, and likely it is another thing that is on the Lenovo’s to do list. The display is overall bright, white is the color of the digits and like almost any display of a fitness tracker you won’t see it clearly in direct sunlight. The display has a size of 0.96 inch. And when you decide to buy this tracker – look around for possible screen protector, because it is plastic and scratches easily.


Let’s speak hardware: mentioned that the good sides of the tracker are beyond what we can see – battery is 85mah, and a charging cycle should last for a week.  In my case it lasted longer than that and in fact I noticed that standby time could be awesome if you do not use it. For a week spent on my desk it lost just one percent which is quite amazing! Charging is another positive side of this fitness tracker – you are not dependent on a custom cable – just pull out the strap and find a USB port. I wish Lenovo have added some NAND inside to store files and use it like a USB drive. But for 20-dollar price-tag this is anyways good enough.

The band is powered by the 52832 processor by Nordic semiconductor – an extremely efficient  solution that is even supporting Bluetooth 5. And compared to some of the older SoCs – like what we can find in the Mi Band 2 – it is much more powerful and capable.

Last but not least – the app. Although rating is around 3.0 in Play Store, I’d say it is good enough and does the job well. Maybe I will miss some of the Mi Fit options, but everything that you need to create good and detailed fitness plans is present. It will show you details about trainings, sleep and heart rate, and the interface is clean, tidy and well organized.

In fact I do believe this fitness tracker ticks all the boxes for what you will look for at this price range. Current hardware and features,  IP68 waterproof rating, notification sync, sleep and heart-rate monitoring, independent charging via the discreet USB port and reasonable battery life, even customizable appearance via changeable straps.



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