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JJRC H47 Elfie Plus – unboxing, review and flight performance

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The Elfie Plus arrives into a nice stylish carrying box that is both protective and compact. Finding a good and safe way to bring your drone has always been somewhat challenging. Well done JJRC!

Being offered at two colors – coffee and blue, it looks both stylish and solid. What attracts me most is the gravity remote controller – it brings the flying experience with the plus version on a different level compared to the original Jjrc Elfie. The on off switch has both beep indication and LED illumination. Powered by 2x AA batteries.

The drone is small, good looking, and well built. Materials are still rather cheap-feeling and Jjrcs goal here was to keep it lightweight. Unfolding the arms shows clear design improvement over the H37.. As for the camera – while it claims to be 2 megapixels, do not expect major difference over similar sized drones. You can correct the angle of shooting using a knob mechanism.

Next – the battery – excellent job. Likely the weakest point of the original Elfie. It gets now a complete redesign. Easy to take out. Designed with a custom connector. And spare batteries are at around 6 dollars per piece. The 500 mah will give you around 7 minutes of flight time with FPV on.

You get some spare parts – besides the props I was surprised to see these spare sponge wheels.

Preparing for the first flight it is good to know what the LED statuses mean. Flashing means you have to connect the transmitter. Steady LEDs mean you are ready for flight. and the rhythmic illuminations indicate when you are in headless mode. Should the battery go down – the LEDs will start to blink slowly.


Outdoors the Elfie plus continues to shine – it is more stable than the older model and the gyro-transmitter makes it so easy to control. You can of course use your smartphone instead of joystick, which will make you install the Jjrc fpv app. And although I’ve tried it on a few different phones, I was unable to make the gravity sensor control working.

Camera footage: having no microsd you have to record via the app.

I’ve made a range test with this drone. Because the FPV drops at some point I don’t have a recording of the flight. Lost detailed control at about 50 meters. And it landed at  exactly 76 meters away from me. Be careful with the range because even after losing connection the drone continued to fly. And you don’t want another flyaway drone!

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