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JJRC H37 Elfie – a foldable selfie mini drone tested

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JJRC H37 Elfie – a foldable selfie mini drone tested

The JJRC H37 a.k.a “Elfie” is essentially the same as GoolRC T37 ( and owned brand) and the DHD D5.

Selfie drones are a kind of trend lately, and while we have well established leaders on the market like DJI and Yuneek, there is always room for budget-oriented solutions. JJRC are popular for their affordable and relatively well built for the price drones. That is quite an entertaining one, which is surprisingly stable and fast.
Some of the highlights :

  • Foldable design
  • APP control (G sensor and virtual sticks)
  • Wi Fi real time image transmission
  • Altitude hold (auto hover)
  • Headless flight mode
  • Multiple flight speed rates (30%, 60% and 100%)
  • About 8 – 15 minutes of flight time;
  • Near 100 meters control range in open field
  • Micro losi connector

Let’s go through these points and discuss them.

Design – cheap plastic used, but because of the super light weight construction it will survive most of its crashes . At just 73 grams weight most of the collisions you experience should not be fatal. I had already more than a few and there is no sign of damage.
Image transmission is fine. The drops in quality and picture refresh are happening after the 15th meter. Controling it at further distances anyways feels quite uncomfortable.
As for altitude hold – it is there and the barometer seems to be very precise. It is pleasing to see an entry level drone to keep altitude as good as the Elfie does.
The battery life is just fine. I do have remarks about the battery placement – feels very uncomfortable (which JJRC took into account and has significantly improved with their next model – the JJRC Elfie Plus) and is always annoying me when I want to plug it in. As for flight time – about 10-12 minutes was my maximum. The good news is that JJRC uses micro-losi connector, which is the same as the one used in older models like H31. And I have tested that the good old 400mah batteries work here just fine. You get shorter flight times though.

I’ve also done a range test. And used the telemetry of my DJI spark to measure the distance, which totals at 31 meters. One third of what the description says.

After finishing my tests around the Elfie, I’ve tried the Elfie-Plus remote controller. Apparently the ASICs inside are identical or very similar and it works brilliantly well. You have no idea how much different and better the feeling is. So if you are fine spending 10 more bugs for a remote joystick with a Wii-like controlling experience – just go for it.

Picture quality is not among its greatest strength , and we expect nothing more from a camera of such an affordable toy.


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And our video review:

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