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JetBlack drone – the best affordable folding drone by YYtoys?

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JetBlack drone – the best affordable folding drone by YYtoys?

Time for a review of the JetBlack drone by YYplay. It gets delivered in its stylish carrying box. I love that trend – finally seeing more companies thinking of easy transportation of their devices.
The Jetblack is a freshly designed drone, inspired by the foldable UAV trend we are seeing lately and also funded via Kickstarter. I overall loved the way the page is organized and the people behind the project seem to have excellent communication and marketing and eye to the detail.

In this little box you have absolutely everything that usually takes place in a larger retail drone box. With the difference that this one fits in any backpack and will protect the flyer and conveniently will bring all your accessories. And there is room to add a few more batteries! 🙂

The transmitter is clearly toy-grade and there’s nothing wrong with that. It surprised me a bit when I saw it is powered by 4 AAA batteries. There is a smartphone handle. In the accessories you will find the spare props, screwdriver with a few screws, the guards and the USB charger. Here also are the levers for the throttle and the direction control of the drone.
While I totally love the portability of that one, I have my concerns about the durability of these foldable mechanisms, especially when having to absorb shocks in case the drone falls down. It handled pretty well the two drops during my first flight, but you may not be as lucky as I was. There is the camera – supposed to be 720p, with an SD card slot. It allows changing the angle of shooting. Interestingly, the camera on my Jetblack was tilted by around 30 degrees.
Battery inside is of 900mah capacity, which sounds good, but gave me only about 7-minute flight. It has a JST connector. There is a good mechanism for the battery placement, which also holds the WiFi antenna.

You may control the drone’s movements via the smartphone app entirely, and there even are options to draw a path or a sequence of movements that will be performed. Of course we have a recording option. The range of the FPV was around 20 meters, so if you are looking for a selfie drone this will do good. My initial indoor impressions from the camera were good. I think it is configured to give you the maximum possible quality out of such a small setup.

Enough about theory. Flight time!
This is where I started to have second thoughts about the JetBlack. First of all – I couldn’t find a way to manually take off. Secondly – it was responding to the commands slowly. Should you fly within 10 meters it is OK, but going beyond 20 makes it very hard to control.
Feature-wise – you have headless mode and most of the features that you get on toy grade drones. Flips are missing though. I lost range twice and unlike other models this one continues to fly. Luckily with declining power, but it still takes a few seconds until it lands. Using the app may give you some goodies and flight enhancements. But again – be careful not to go put of range.
Please excuse the tilted footage, I warned you about that already. Should be a feature on just mine Jetblack 🙂 . And pay attention to the colors – a bit unusually warm, but really nice.

In the last days there have been a few articles about controversial actions from YYPlay’s team, where the drone is supplied to various online web stores, however many of the early supporters have not received their orders yet.


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Check our video review of the YYPlay JetBlack:



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