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GoolRC HD01 FPV goggles – the best 5.8G entry level combo?

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GoolRC HD01 FPV goggles – the best 5.8G entry level combo?

Inside the GoolRC HD01 box we have the headset laying. The design looks ergonomic and overall build quality and materials used are OK. Keep in mind that these FPV goggles cost twice less than models with similar functions, so I won’t be too skeptical about design, lack of integrated battery or button placement. some cables and the two analog antennas. If I have to prioritize what is most important about such a device, I’d choose something as comfortable as possible.
The thick foam layer assures it will fit almost everyone’s face and will comfortably stay. There were no cracks where light was coming in, at least when I was using them. And it feels like you can easily have them on for hour without feeling any discomfort.



Here’s what I find good:

– wide range of power feed supported, from 2-cell to 5-cell batteries.
– built-in 5.8G receiver
– convenient adjustable head strap
– a relatively big 4.3 inch display
– two antennas for better reception

The negatives – lack of embedded battery, the screen resolution and some remarks about the design.





For the price you pay – this FPV-headset may be well beyond your expectations. Even if you try to build a cheap non-VR setup using just a receiver, display of that size and battery you are likely going to pay more.

I had the chance to make a few flights with the Bugs 6 drone by MJX. Because I have the basic version without FPV, I used the Firefly 6S camera with the mini USB FPV cable and extra battery to supply the 5.8G transmitter. It was quite fun and the best outcome is that besides you get real-time fpv transmission that is perfect for learning to fly, you can record the footage at maximum quality.

As a summary – this is indeed a wonderful fpv goggles set. If you are making your first steps in the FPV works – I’ll certainly recommend it. It may be also fine for experienced users that are on a budget or would like to have a modest just-in-case device.


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Check our video review of the GoolRC HD01:

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