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GitUp F1 4K action camera Deep Dive [2018] – The ultimate review

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GitUp F1 4K action camera Deep Dive [2018] – The ultimate review

It’s been a while since the last “deep dive” video! During the winter season it is not easy to get good footage outdoors – this is where action cameras do best.
Finally the Deep Dive of the F1 camera is here. While filming it, I wasn’t realizing it, but as soon as it was time for post-production – this camera ROCKS!

Most interesting moments:

0:33 – Unique and useful features
2:01 – Slow motion
3:06 – Microphone summary
3:40 – Gyro ON sample
4:16 – Color Effects – Pop Art
5:01 – More footage
5:24 – 30FPS vs 60FPS vs 120FPS picture detail
5:46 – Car mode
5:54 – WiFi Range test
9:41 – Time lapse
10:27 – Low light
10:59 – Drone footage
10:46 – Final thoughts and summary

And here is the video:

The Gitup F1 is a true 4K camera, offering amazing characteristics.
In this video you will see the camera performing in various conditions, giving you the chance to find out about the quality it offers.

In my opinion it offers the best image quality among the Ambarella A12 members, with some remarks about the color intensity. Details visible are significantly more than models with similar specs.
The 4K recording bitrate is often above 70Mbit!

If you’ve missed the specs, check the unboxing video. Here are they in short:

– Angle of View: 160°
– Dual-band WiFi Frequency 5.8G+2.4G
– AV Out + PWM for FPV Remote Control
– Electronic Image Stablization
– Ambarella A12S75 Chipset
– Sony Exmor IMX317 sensor



Useful links ◕‿◕ :

✔ GitUp F1 (20% OFF Coupon: c7b421)
✔ GitUp official website and store
✔ GitUp F1 @ Ebay
✔ GitUp F1 @ AliExpress

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