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Flytec T13 – an affordable awesome (selfie) drone

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Flytec T13 – an affordable awesome (selfie) drone

The Flytec T13 is another cheap alternative of selfie drones like the DJI Spark. It is very compact and well built.


Packaging and accessories

While there is no pouch or carrying case, the box itself conveniently has a magnetic cover – perfect for carrying around instead of protective case. The drone itself is very compact and well built. Foldable arms, that do not have a click effect, but are staying in place and may absorb shocks efficiently.


The rear motors are upside-down, which gives the drone a unique design and aggressive charm. Battery doesn’t shine with huge capacity, but is good for up to 10 minutes of flight time. I love the battery click mechanism. Besides the good clicking mechanism, we also have status LED on the battery housing itself. Green while charging, and off when charging is complete.

Oh, and the charging port is … microUSB!


Flight experience and features

Flytec T13 is designed to be controlled via a smartphone app. Surprisingly that app has a very high score in Google Play Store (4.2 out of 5 at the time writing the review), and after using it for a few days I do agree with the positive reviews. Gravity sensor worked out of the box. I got about 30 meters of control with FPV on . The drone may also be controlled by a transmitter. I’ve tried the gyro-based controller from the JJRC Elfie plus, and likely there are several other compatible models.
If you can confirm another working TX model – please share the model name over the description.
In flight mode the T13 is super stable. Props are well sized and even the wind won’t affect its stability that much. There are three speed modes – 30, 60 and 100%. The highest rate is not too easy to handle for beginners.
I certainly enjoyed flying with this little guy. And I can easily recommend it as one of the best cheap selfie drones that have tested so far. My hope is that you liked it too!



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And here is our video review, including a flight and range test:

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