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FireFly 8 (lite) action camera – unboxing, menu walk-through and first impressions

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FireFly 8 (lite) action camera – unboxing, menu walk-through and first impressions

The firefly 8S body has been used for the “8” model. I’ve been shooting with the predecessor so often that I wouldn’t make a difference, unless I knew about the new fonts that the company uses for its newer models.

Accessories here are brought to a minimum, likely because the goal is to offer better price than the s-model. This is all you get as part of the box
This is probably the best camera body I’ve ever used – rubberized sides for perfect grip, excellent placement for the buttons, strap hook, selfie mirror. And most importantly – solid build quality. My firefly cameras have survived numerous drone crashes without getting severe damage. With some minor exceptions. 😀
The heart of the camera is a well known Novatek 96660 processor combined with the sensor from Firefly 8s – which is the Sony IMX 117.
You will notice the camera advertised as 2160p – which is one of the axis of the true 4K. Using the Novatek CPU however means that the 4k resolution is interpolated, because it’s maximum width is 2880 pixels – around a thousand short for having real 4k image. In most of the cases you wouldn’t make a difference compared to a true 4K camera, but this information is fair to be highlighted if real UHD is a must for you.If I may spoil a bit of information – soon or later we may get the 8SE model – with Mstar DSP and Omnivision sensor– an entirely different combo in the very same body. And it is expected to support voice commands.

The just released model 8 has a lot of goodies – stabilization working in 4K, selfie mirror on the front, long lasting 1200mah battery, HDR, mini usb that supports external microphone and remote controls. Another perfect choice for FPV enthusiasts which is typical for most of the Firefly portfolio. And what makes it really impressive – the menu controls. At first sight they seem to be too many, but I felt like I can easily adapt every single bit of the camera to my needs. ISO adjustment of up to 1800, RAW photos, FLAT color mode for shooting video, various resolutions of choice, angle corrections, gyroscope based stabilization and … yeah – it will take us too much time to review all the rest. And I’d like to keep some of them for the deep dive review arriving in a few weeks.

At the end – some disadvantages – no 120fps on full HD (because of the cpu). And some dependencies from the menu that may be better explained – for example you cannot have GYRO on and angle corrections at the same time, but the menus don’t really mention about that. Even with these tiny flaws mentioned as a dessert in today’s review meal the camera won’t leave a bitter taste. Exactly the opposite – a decent affordable choice for action camera that you can buy with the confidence that is awesome. Comes as a successor to the firefly 7s and is fabulous. At launch is costs about $85 at and I hope there will be tempting offers coming sooner rather than later. Check out the description for the most current ones and make sure to visit for more details about the camera.

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