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Elecam REXSO Explorer K – unboxing a great 4K action camera!

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Elecam REXSO Explorer K – unboxing a great 4K action camera!

This is our review of the Elecam Rexso Explorer K.

You may watch the review below. Please note that due to lack of experience with this camera I was shooting without stabilization and the video is a bit shaky. You can enable the image stabilization in the settings by turning “DIS” on. DIS stays for Digital Image Stabilization.

The Explorer K is shipped in a convenient carrying case. The case is well designed, has relatively thick and hardened sides and is – according to Elecam – IP68 waterproof. I hope you will understand my reluctance to test that 😉
Chinese manufacturers usually include a good amount of mounts, clips and accessories – and we get a bunch of them too, which makes it easy to attach the camera to a drone, bike, helmet or almost any device you may think of.

The focus of the video is of course the camera itself. I like a lot the design of most of the Elecam models, and in fact was a big fan of the boxes of the older cameras of the company. The build quality here is superb. This imitation of aluminum is so good that had to use Jerry Rig Everything’s Youtube channel methodology to confirm it is just plastic. The camera is advertised as one of the slimmest on the market. The lens is made out of 8 glass layers, produced by Panasonic and reaching 16 million pixels. Combined with the relatively new HiSilicon 3559 that makes it a true 4k camera which easily surpasses at least on paper popular cameras like the Gitup Git2, the Sjcam 5000 and Firefly 7s for example. I really hoped the display to NOT be touch and I find touch screens more as inconvenience for this type of equipment. Size is 2 inches and seems to be with good visibility even on bright days. In fact I very much liked the color reproduction – the tones are smooth and balanced, you see a lot of details and if it wasn’t for the wide angle you could easily think this footage might be coming from a much more expensive device.
One thing I found weird – the startup sound. It just feels incomplete. And that can be fixed with firmware update, so Elecam – please, take care of it!
The menu functions are also somewhat unique – the power button is also a menu button and to avoid mispressing it, the power controls require a longer than 2-second press. Using it you switch between shooting and photo mode and you may go to the general or Wi-Fi settings. Video and photo options are hidden behind the button on the side. From the available resolutions 120fps on 1080p is missing, which I expect to see in a future update, because the dual-core HiSilicon chipset supports it. Among other missing options, I’d name car mode, different color themes and control over sharpness and exposure.

Quite unique is the ability to capture snaps while you are shooting a video. And there also is RAW photo support! And if I mention that the audio quality is close to superb (although volume is VERY low!) and is stereo, I hope you will start to like this camera as much as I do.


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Here’s our video review:


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