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Eken V8S 4K Action camera – unboxing, review, menu walk-through and first impressions

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Eken V8S 4K Action camera – unboxing, review, menu walk-through and first impressions

The Eken V8S is a native 4K action camera that has impressive specs and it is time to find out about its qualities.


Packaging and accessories

EKEN’s V8S packaging is inspired by GoPro. I have to admit – it is maybe the best packaging of a Chinese action-cam brand so far. The initial impression that you get is awesome and that feeling carries over after you unbox it. The camera has premium design. There’s a monochromatic display on the front that provides footage information and may act as a timer.
The camera has 14MP Panasonic CMOS sensor and Ambarella a12s75 chipset – a standard for  high-end Chinese action cams right now.


Design and features

The sides of the body are covered by rubberized plastic, and although there isn’t any aluminum or magnesium on the body it still feels good. I like very much what Eken have achieved with microSD compatibility – as soon as you insert a  card it is being tested and verified and – depending on the results – 4K resolutions may be available for shooting or not. If the card is claimed to be too slow, 4K and 2K are usually a no-go option for shooting.
What I don’t like is how the camera treats my “U3” cards – none of them were accepted, no matter what. And I can easily use them in Panasonic G7, where bit-rate is about 100mbps. That’s the reason why the review video is not recorded at 4K. Of course I found a way to overcome the limitation: the test that the camera performs and you will see on the video below creates a small conf file (sdcardinfo.conf) in the root directory of your card, which cam be easily manipulated via a simple text editor. Put “116” as a value and you may be able to select 4K for recording. If your card is not fast enough, the recording will just stop without any notice.
My first tests with the Eken V8s have left me with rather mixed feelings. On daylight it does  well if there are not too many shadows. There seems to be a bit more noise than usual. And not enough details on most of the objects.  What I like though is the stabilization – it seems to do a decent job and is available even in 4K resolution! Colors are well saturated and seem to be accurate. Weirdly the picture is not sharp and everything looks somewhat defocused. One of the things I tend to complain about is battery life – approximately 60 minutes. Luckily additional batteries are easy to find and at a rather cheap price.



Quick navigation through the menus shows much less than the usual amount of extras. we have only up to 60 fps on full hd, and it is a surprise to me not seeing 120fps as we have it on other cameras with the same hardware. There also is no car mode. You will find some picture control settings, time lapse configuration and wifi settings.


Camera specs:

Chipset: Ambarella A12S75
Sensor Brand: Panasonic 14MP
Functions: EIS (always on), WiFi, a lot of great accessorie and compatible with GoPro accessories
Screen: 2, 960×480
Available resolutions:
4k : 25 fps
2.5k : 25 fps
1080p: 30/60fps

Image resolution: 14Mpix
Microphone: Built-in, quality is not good


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Last but not least – the video review:



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