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Eken V8S 4k Action Camera DeepDive – the ultimate review!

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Eken V8S 4k Action Camera DeepDive – the ultimate review!

We’ve performed a detailed review of the EKEN’s V8S. Because unboxing and menu walk-through is usually not enough, as usual there is our regular deep-dive “exploration” of that camera. We used the third hardware revision of that model (called V3)

Here’s the content of the test’s conducted:

  1. Microphone quality
  2. Build quality
  3. Resolutions, scenes, frame-per-second tests
  • gyro ON/OFF
  • wide/narrow
  • effects
  • time lapse
  • other/unique features
  1. Card support
  2. Gimbal Footage
  3. Battery life
  4. Car DVR mode (if available)
  5. Mounting to a bike/scooter and accessories
  6. Drone compatibility/FPV footage
  7. WiFi range test
  8. Firmware updates
  9. Support and maintenance
  10. Issues and other topics


Camera specs:

  • Chipset: Ambarella A12S75
  • Sensor Brand: Panasonic 14MP
  • Functions: EIS (always on), WiFi, a lot of great accessorie and compatible with GoPro accessories
  • Screen: 2, 960×480
  • Available resolutions:
  • 4k : 25 fps
  • 2.5k : 25 fps
  • 1080p: 30/60fps

Image resolution: 14Mpix
Microphone: Built-in, quality is not good

Useful links ◕‿◕ :

✔ Firmware updates @ Eken’s Facebook page

✔ Eken and other action cameras



Here’s our test. Enjoy!

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