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Eken H7s 4K action camera [REVIEW]: unboxing and first impressions

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Eken H7s 4K action camera [REVIEW]: unboxing and first impressions


  • stereo quality microphone
  • native 4k
  • good accessories
  • touch screen
  • easy menu operation


  • no EIS
  • lack of sharpness



(3.8 / 5)

Full Specification

  • Model: EKEN H7s
  • 2.4G Remote: Splashproof
  • Display: 2″ screen
  • Video: 4K30 / 2.7K30 /1080p100 / 1080P 30/ 720P 120
  • Photo: 2MP
  • Input/Output: Micro USB port, HD port
  • View Angle: 170 degree
  • Storage: At least a U3(90MB/s) microSDXC memory card 32GB-64GB (not included)
  • Battery: Rechargeable 1050mAh lithium battery
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Multi-Language: Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Czech,Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Thai, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • Dimension: (L*W*H)59.3*21.4*41.1mm
  • Weight: 66g (including Battery)

Some of you may remember some of the older Eken’s models. Some of them were fabulous, offering amazing features at surprisingly affordable prices. Unfortunately, 2017 was a challenging year for Eken and they failed to deliver decent quality in the flagship V8s. While there is the review of the H7s coming soon, let’s have a look at the H6s – a modest, but elegant and decent 4K action cam.

Unboxing and accessories

If there is a contest about most attractive packaging and best accessories – I am sure that Eken are going to get the top prize! They are very closely copying the Go Pro packaging design and adding value on top of it by including lots of useful accessories.
Once you see the camera, or even better – you happen to carry it in your own hands, it feels like a product of a value way above the 80-USD price tag it is selling at the moment. And a good friend of mine is always saying – there must be a catch!
So let’s see if there is any.

Quite obviously unboxing experience is above average. Most of my dear subscribers are aware that I am not a great fan of Eken as a brand, but unboxing their cameras is one of the most pleasant types of unboxing you can think of. Accessories are many and are in the non-transparent part of the box. Not that you can’t guess that anyways. There are a few types of mounts. And I insist on highlighting three of these items in particular: a remote controller, a mini tripod and the frame. This protective frame uses a mechanism similar to the one of the waterproof case and seems to add flexible mount options as well as a very reliable protective layer. Its only disadvantage is the lack of holes for the ports and the card. I wish I didn’t have to open it every time I want to charge the camera.


Build quality and features

Once we finish the unboxing, the best part of the review is done. Here we go with technical and design data. The body of the cam feels good. It is not rubberized – feels as plastic as possible, but doesn’t feel cheap. Not at all.
The front panel is stylish – LEDs for information and the Power/mode button. On the side you have the WiFi button and there is a shutter button. And yeah – this camera has a touch screen! A very good one in my opinion. And has a decent 1050mah battery.

Internals are sort of under cover. I hate to always struggle finding out what is inside in most of the Eken cameras. It’s like they do it on purpose. We know for sure that the sensor is Panasonic. The limited information I was able to pull out of Eken’s support was a confirmation that it uses a SunPlus 6350 chipset. Which model exactly – remains unclear (likely 6350). But keep in mind that 4K resolution might be interpolated. There is NO image stabilization available. In none of the resolutions. No option for an external microphone either, but the internal one is offering surprisingly high quality.
I hope that Eken will improve and will finally start providing more detailed information about the hardware specs of their cameras.


Menus and navigation

Navigation is where I see the strength of this Eken H7s. This is in my opinion the best organized set of menus I’ve had on an action camera so far. Large tiles, very good usage of the space of the display. Very good colors, especially for intensive lighting conditions – on a sunny winter day I had perfect visibility of the menus. You have super easy navigation no matter whether just the buttons or the touch screen was used.
To better assess the qualities of the camera – we need to look at more footage. If you are looking for stunning looking 4K, no noise and vivid colors – this may not be your primary choice. Blue is properly represented, but green and red scales are not too well balanced. There is obvious lack of detail in the lower resolutions and the 4K is not up to par with bigger cousins like the FireFly 8s, or even the 8 lite model. One thing I can say for sure – the footage and microphone here are better than the older V8S model, which by the way costs 50 dollars more. So for the current price of the camera – I can say it is OK, has fantastic set of accessories and its big flaw is the lack of image stabilization.

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