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Eken H6S [2018] Native 4K Action Camera Review for just 100$

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Eken H6S [2018] Native 4K Action Camera Review for just 100$



  • 4K EIS
  • A lot of accessories
  • Aluminium frame
  • Good battery life
  • Convenient menus


  • No slow-motion
  • Poor choice of resolutions
  • No picture adjustments


(4.1 / 5)

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Eken did it again! And if I tell you what I mean by that, it will influence your perception. So let’s stick to usual agenda.


Look at the box! We can read together about the content included. Do you think there’s something missing? No? neither do I!


The H6s is another Eken’s model that carries on with the GoPro-style box experience with the huge difference that we actually have many accessories included! I am just highlighting the tripod and the remote controller which is by the way waterproof – most of the budget friendly websites will charge you 20 bugs for them only, and over here we get them as part of the just above 100-USD valued camera. It is meant to be a successor to the V8s – and if you want to see what an action camera should not be like – head over to the V8s  reviews I’ve done last year.

Features and specs

Let’s take the camera out. I remember seeing similar stamp with information about the heat disposal on another aluminum framed action camera an year ago – and I refer to the SJ7 Star. We don’t have a touch screen here (which I as usual praise and find positive), and the rest of the design is quite good too. In some ways better than the SJ7.
No remarks from my side about the build quality – it belongs to the high end action cameras I have reviewed. Clean and and in style! So far so good, Eken.  The sensor inside is Panasonic, and the chip-set is the well known and excellent performing Ambarella A12s75. We speak of true 4K here, with very good quality in fact.
Sound is ok! It is mono, but with very high quality and good frequency response. There’s the three usual ports – for microSD, mini HDMI and micro USB. Having micro instead of mini means that this camera does not support external mic. But as mentioned already – the embedded one is quite good.


Menus and performance

Eken’s cameras  have always had similar menu options across different models. We get no exception here. Being consistent can be good and bad at the same time.
I will start with the settings. Unlike the V8s model, there is an option to record in 4K without EIS. Should we decide to use stabilization – we sacrifice 5 frames per second and go down to 25fps which is good enough – most of the movies you watch are filmed 24frames per second. What is missing here is proper slow motion – no 1080p 120fps as other action cameras with the same processor, and no 720p. Slow motion options are completely missing! This is rather disappointing, considering the rich capabilities of this processor. Going further down – besides time lapse, there are no other useful features. You cannot control sharpness of the picture or color intensity, there is no long exposure photo option, let alone raw or other more advanced nice-to have’s. Meaning that if you are in a hunt for rich functionality – you better hunt at another place.


Let’s examine the picture quality: This is of course the leading characteristic of an action camera. And to my surprise the H6s is a decent performer! Delivers very sharp image, with good color saturation. Red is slightly stronger than usual, but the picture quality is impressive! I can easily recommend this camera by classifying it as a very good one! Because of the high contrast you may notice more noise in lower light conditions, but when there is sunshine or daylight – the amount of detail is very high and it may go beyond your expectations from a 100-dollar camera. If you decide to make it yours – make sure to get a few extra batteries, because the stock one doesn’t perform that well. Better order original Firefly 8s batteries – they have higher capacity and I’ve already tested them as compatible.


At a price just above 100USD the Eken H6S offers most of what you’ll ever need from an action camera: true 4K recording, big pile of accessories (including a tripod!), good audio quality, convenient menus and the most common shooting features. If you need more professional-like controls such as sharpness, color saturation, white balance – you may remain a bit disappointed. Overall, considering the excellent build quality and the relatively low price – it may be a great choice for the summer!



(4.1 / 5)


Video review and samples of the Eken H6s:

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