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DJI Spark USB charger adapter? Thanks… but no thanks!

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DJI Spark USB charger adapter? Thanks… but no thanks!

Let’s start with some theory – the DJI Spark’s battery operates at 11.4 volts. And using the quick charging kit from the fly more combo you can have it ready for flight in less than an hour.

USB 2.0 standard offers 5 volts, going up to 9 or 12 or even more, depending on the quick charge technology used. So if we want to keep portability of a power bank, we need to find a step up conversion from 5 to slightly more than 12 volts. And the theory is quite well matching this converter’s specifications. According to its description, the output should be around 13.05 volts @ 1A.


Turns out that using this kind of charging is quite useless – first of all most of the power banks I’ve tested will stop after 2-3 minutes of charging, and while I had better success with the Oneplus power bank, the Spark’s battery gained about 10 percent charge within three hours. Which is just ridiculous! On top of that the connectors don’t seem to fit quite well and I had to apply a lot of pressure to get them in at the first place. Concerning safety and stability I cannot guarantee it – you can imagine that a company that is unable to spell the word “accessory” correctly may have some flaws in other areas than just language.

Bottom line – better invest your money in another intelligent flight battery.

Chinese websites sell them under $50 which is quite tempting and enough for you to stop thinking about alternative charging options that could be dangerous for your DJI Spark.


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