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DJI Phantom 3 SE FCC mod – the EASY way to long range with FCC mode!

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DJI Phantom 3 SE FCC mod – the EASY way to long range with FCC mode!

Regulations and restrictions

We are experiencing a very dynamic development of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Among with that we are getting a lot of new requirements, rules and restrictions.

DJI are currently a clear leader in developing both UAV technologies and rules for better and safer flying. Having the wish to bring top-level technologies at reasonable prices, and keeping them safe and compliant with local regulations, makes it necessary to comply with various requirements enforced by local authorities.


DJI Phantom 3 SE

A few months ago, the DJI Phantom 3 SE has been released. Initially this drone was sold in China Mainland only, but has been recognized as one of the most tempting drones at the moment, offering a lot of the Phantom 3 Pro features at a much lower price.

The most-powerful feature of the 3 SE is the perfectly stabilized 4K camera, just like in the Pro-version. Its main disadvantage however is the FPV transmission protocol – instead of “lightbridge”, DJI have decided to utilize boosted WiFi – the same technology that is used with the ultra-popular DJI Spark.

We all know that a lot of Chinese products are being sold and shipped worldwide via wholesale web stores like,, and many others. Apparently this has motivated DJI to certify the 3 SE worldwide, which made it necessary the drone to comply with CE and FCC modes respectively.

While FCC allows generous amount of power to be gained by the transmitter, the CE compliance is much more restrictive and requires significantly lower power to be transmitter.

Just like with the Spark, the maximum range of the 3 Se is about 500 meters in Europe. We of course found a way to unleash the full potential of the TX, allowing you to operate at much greater distances – the same as people will reach under FCC regulations.

The following tutorial has been tested and we can confirm that it works and easily enables FCC mode and can be used no matter where you are living in. We did the same a few months ago for the DJI Spark and our mod has been praised to be one of the easiest to follow and understand.

Please note, that all the credits go to the user PsychoAndy (from the forums on ).  He has found a way to overcome this limitation described above.

Here is a link to his original post.


Besides this article, you may follow the video tutorial linked below, as it shows most of these steps into more details.


CE to FCC mod for DJI Phantom 3 SE

These are the steps that you have to follow, and in our test we have performed all of them on an Android smartphone:

1 – Uninstal the DJI Go app from your mobile device, also delete DJI folder and the two hidden folders .HereMaps and AMAP. Prior to uninstalling you may also go to Settings-> apps -> DJI Go and select “clear data” and “clear cache”.

2 – Install Fake Gps (you can get the app from Google Play Store). You will have to enable “Developer options” on your device. To do that – go to “Settings”-> “about” and tap 6 times on the Build Number of your device’s rom. Then go in Developer options and allow “Mock Locations” to be used by Fake GPS. Launch it and point it to a random location in the USA (you need internet connection to see the map) NOTE: Be sure to use GPS ONLY for positioning services!



3 – Install Dji go 3.1.23 or any recent version you want that actually switches between FCC and CE (note that older versions of the app make no difference between these modes, as the CE and FCC certifications have passed recently and were not implemented in earlier versions).
Power on the Drone and the transmitter. Launch the 3.1.23 DJI Go, go to Camera and wait until you see the prompt for Switching WiFi settings.
The download link to that version of the app is here:


4 – After the restart of the transmitter you should be in FCC mode. You can confirm that by going to WiFi settings and checking the 2.4GHz bands. If they are 11, then you are operating in FCC mode.


5 – We are not done yet! Uninstall the app. Delete everything as described in step 1. You may uninstall the Fake GPS app too.

6 – Install the DJI Go 3.1.8. With that version you will not experience any of the CE limitations and the drone will not switch back to CE mode. Just make sure not to update the app to a newer version.

No-fly zone database and firmware can be updated accordingly and this will not have any impact on the range. Just fly and enjoy!


While most of the steps are easy to follow, we’ve decided to record each part on a video and narrow down these steps to just 6, so that you can observe the whole process, as well as see the different stages  that relate to the drone and the app.


For any questions and comments we will be glad to further help! Get in touch with us via the comments section below.

Happy flying!
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  1. Hi Richard, yes, you can. The Firmware luckily is not the one that brings the drone into CE mode. It is mostly dependent on the transmitter and the APP. If you are currently in FCC mode, you better stay at the version that you are in.
    But if the firmware is your only concern – go for the latest, it won’t restrict the FCC mode.

  2. This restriction is most likely related to the video signal. The problem with me is rather the signal strength of the controller. In another article I read that I need a reflector for an antenna!
    Is it possible to prepare an article on intelligent modes. I have Phantom 3 CE for more than a month but I have not been able to activate them.

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