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Choosing Electric Scooter? Top 7 Features you need to look for!

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Choosing Electric Scooter? Top 7 Features you need to look for!

Buying an electric scooter is getting more and more tempting lately, especially if you have to cover short-range distances on a regular basis. No matter whether you have to ride to your office, home, grocery store or friend’s house – covering distance can be both fun and nature-friendly!
There already are many different types and brands on the market, and it can be sometimes very confusing which model to choose. Among the multiple offers, you will notice a lot of similarities! And also – multiple features and functions which make some models to stand out.

1. Range Comfort!

Most of the reviews and web stores will talk about range first. We will cover that component a bit later and will start with a simple calculation:
If your scooter achieves a maximum of 20km/h (~13mph), and on a daily basis you are supposed to cover a distance of 10 kilometers, within just a week you will have spent around 8 hours riding the scooter.
Now imagine that the handle bar is too low or too high, which will stress your back and if you are unlucky – can even lead to permanent discomfort or pain. And imagine having to cope with that feeling for 8 hours per week!
Therefore we recommend your primary criteria when choosing an electric scooter to be the comfort. You have to feel fine being there and riding it. It has to be easily adjustable and needs to offer to your body a natural position. And having the height of the handle bars adjustable is vital for getting this kind of comfort. Most of the scooters have this feature already, however it may be very limited in some models. Make sure that it fits good to your body height.


2. Range

We are not going to neglect the range – not at all. It is among the most important factors for choosing the right for you scooter. Having too short range will make you feel uncertain about reaching your destination. And that feeling can ruin the whole great experience of riding. Most of the scooters at the beginning of 2018 offer greater than 10km. (7 miles) range. The more expensive models may achieve up to 30, sometimes 40 kilometers (25 miles) and this kind of distance is quite fascinating! Usually the battery capacity determines the range. And manufacturers have to be careful here – having a larger battery will give you greater range, but that will also add extra weight to the scooter. Having a smaller battery makes everything lighter and smaller, including the distances covered. And as usual – companies are in search of the optimal balance.


3. Acceleration and speed

If roads where you live are flat, you may not be too concerned of that topic. But we know that not every country is as flat as the Netherlands :-). Being prepared to handle sloppy roads can be another big factor to choose your bike.
This is usually dependent on the power of the motor and the wheel size. There are various models that have power capacity of 200-500W. Most of the bikes can cope with 10 to 15-degrees when climbing uphills. If you are fine investing more, then achievements can go to 20 or even 25 degrees! And of course – stressing the motor for an extended period of time is not recommended. When climbing, the scooter will go slower and you may help it with your leg. If you are going to climb more often, make sure to lower the expectation for the distance covered – it will of course decrease.
The more powerful the motor is, the greater the load capacity could be. Most of the models can handle around 100kg load, with more expensive scooters carrying up to 140.
As for speed – you will hardly find a scooter going faster than 20-30km/h (15-20 mph) – in most of the cases this is meaningless. If you want to go faster – go for an electric bike. And with the body position while riding – it may be dangerous to crash with a speed higher than that.

4. Tire Size

Do not underestimate the tire size. Some of the best models on the market have tire size of 8 or 9 inches. You may go for a scooter with smaller tire – something like 6, but that will negatively impact the riding experience, especially if you have to cover bumpy areas. The larger the tire – the less the negative effect of bumps will be.


5. Charging Time

There already are multiple quick charge technologies developed. Some of them are used on smaller devices (like smartphones – think of Quallcom’s QuickCharge), and others may be efficient on larger batteries (think of Tesla superchargers). Obviously this kind of technologies may be applied to multiple devices that utilize batteries. It’s the same with electric scooters. Budget models will need longer charging times – like 5-7 hours – which may be not too bad – this causes the least stress for the cells, and usually extends their life. Going up the price scale you will find models that can be fully recharged within an hour or two, which sounds quite awesome!

6. Weight and portability

These are the features that will differ the budget from the pro- class. Investing more in your scooter with give you the chance of having lighter, yet quality and reliable construction. You will notice a lot of little extras that can make a big difference – better brakes, lighter materials, better hand-grip and so on. The high-end models may offer very innovative folding mechanisms, as well as design which could be convenient to carry by hand in the public transport for example.


7. Price

As always this may be the leading characteristic of a good we want to posses. And there is a very wide range of pricing. Because there are batteries involved, companies have to make serious investment in developing a safe and reliable product.
right now budget models can be found for 150-200USD, and you will get a more basic scooter that has 7-10km. range, charges slowly and cannot go faster than 15km/h..

There are beasties like the GoPed ESR 750 and they offer amazing features and comfort. As always this is up to a personal preference.
The good news for you is that prices of electric scooters are more affordable than ever, and the models offered are getting more and more.

Here are some good places with plenty of attractive models:


Scooters @ Amazon

Scooters @


Choose wisely, ride safely and enjoy!


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