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BlueskySea B1W Dashcam Review – a discreet budget champion!

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BlueskySea B1W Dashcam Review – a discreet budget champion!

We will now review a real champion! It is chosen to be the best value product with the features and quality it brings at the price of just 50 bucks by the popular website dashcamtalk. It is among the most attractive dash cameras you can find right now (the beginning of 2018) at a price of $50.


Unboxing and Accessories

We’re following our tasks one by one – unboxing is first. Package is good, things inside are tidy and well placed. We see the dash-cam and the accessories.
Usually there’s no need to spend much time on user manuals, I was just surprised to see a budget product where you have detailed instructions written in clear and decent English. Thanks to my curiosity I can read the warning – the dash-cam should be connected to the provided in the box USB charger. I’ll take my chances for the sake of the review.
The cable seems to be long enough, and although recommended, I’ve been using my current wiring without troubles. Quality adhesive tapes are also available (3M is the current brand provided).


Main Features

We now focus on the dash cam itself. It is relatively small, looks good, doesn’t attract your attention to it. Even the LED is discrete, but still clearly visible if you need it.
Powered by Novatek processor (in fact the processor is made by Grain Media, which was acquired by Novatek in 2017) and using SONY IMX 323 sensor. This is the same sensor as in the 70Mai dashcam. According to the manufacturer – the lens here is better than the Xiaomi model, which should be more obvious in low light conditions.
It has Wifi (2.4 Ghz operation), a G-sensor and a super capacitor. Which is a smart idea for hot and super cold areas – you won’t be concerned about battery damage or explosion.

Operation and Menu Navigation

Operation is super simple! Unlike the 70Mai dash-cam, there’s no need of initial setup. Just plug and play. In this case – plug and record.
The app’s interface is not super modern, but is easy to navigate and snappier than most of the camera apps. This optimization makes the configuration a rather pleasing task. You may switch sounds off, disable time stamp, adjust the recording length and many other things. You cannot update the firmware via the app though. Not a deal-breaker and in my opinion – using the sdcard for that is a more reliable option.
I mentioned firmware – and there are two versions – one that turns WiFi on together with the dash cam, and a version that keeps it of, unless you decide to turn it on by pressing the main button for a few seconds. I certainly prefer the second option. The two different variations have been created based on community feedback

Now, picture quality. Good in daylight, great at night. When there’s more sunshine, it tends to overexpose objects, and the picture has a high level of contrast, which is ok for a dashcam – we are not looking for smooth image, we want details. The B1w delivers.
As for sound quality – although there are a lot of remarks in the forums, it is alright in my opinion. Maybe too much gain, but I can easily rate this microphone better than most of the action cameras I am reviewing on the channel.



After having used the b1w for a few days – it works fine, super easy to setup and zero troubles when using it.
And I haven’t told you the best part – Blueskysea have a representative monitoring popular review sites like and she (her name is Vicky by the way) does an outstanding job answering questions and helping you to get better results. And through this review I’d like to help the Blueskysea team: What is your feedback? Is there a feature you’d like to see in the app? All ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, and if not implemented now, they will make their way to the next product .
Their passionate team is about to include more exciting features to the app and firmware, like an auto-flip option in case the vehicle turns upside down (which our team sincerely wishes you to never have to experience!).
Drive safely and record beautiful scenes with this dash-cam.


Useful links ◕‿◕ :

Firmware 1.06 with WiFi OFF on boot
Firmware 1.06 with WiFi ON on boot

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As usual, here is our video review, including samples from various lighting conditions (and please excuse the slightly dirty windshield 🙂 )

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