Best Smart Rings – 5 Handpick Smart Rings For You!

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It’s just a couple of years since we witnessed the rise of smart rings. Smart rings are a groundbreaking discovery in the era of smart devices. While some smart rings are devoted to monitoring health and fitness, there are many rings that can help you with contactless payment, monitoring other smart devices, and more! 

While entering 2024, we are witnessing smart rings competing closely with each other in terms of features and functions. For instance, the  Evie vs Oura Ring fight and Ultrahuman vs Oura Ring fight is getting intense. 

The list of smart rings available in the market is long, and so are the upcoming smart ring lists that will be launched in 2024 and 2025. If you are looking forward to investing in a smart ring, let us share the top 5 handpicked smart rings that can meet your expectations! 

5 Handpick Smart Rings For You

1. Oura Ring Gen 3

Weight: 4 to 6 g, depending on the size

Battery Life: 7+ days

Key Features: 

  • Live Heart Rate Tracking
  • Accurate Sleep stage detection
  • Stress monitoring
  • Recovery monitoring 

Price: $299 [starting price]

The Oura Ring is one of the finest smart rings to monitor health and fitness. Celebrities and athletes have shown their trust in the Oura Ring for a long time. The Oura Ring Gen 3 is available in two different models – Heritage and Horizon


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Although the features offered by these two models are the same, the design and color availability are different. The Heritage ring is available in four different colors – silver, black, stealth, and gold. The price range of the Heritage ring is $299 to $449, depending on the ring color. 

On the other hand, the Horizon model is available in six different colors – silver, black, stealth, brushed titanium, gold, and rose gold. The price range of the Horizon ring is $349 to $549, depending on the ring color. 

The Oura Ring is packed with amazing features like – HR/HRV monitoring, live heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, blood pressure tracking, skin temperature monitoring, stress level detection, and sleep stage monitoring. The Oura Ring can also track robust fitness metrics like walking, running, light household work, daily heavy workouts, swimming, and more! You can also track your menstrual cycle with the Oura Ring by integrating the Natural Cycles. 

2. Evie Ring

Weight: 3.2-3.7g, depending on ring size

Battery Life: 4+ days

Key Features

  • Built-in menstrual cycle tracker
  • Accurate HR/HRV monitoring
  • Mood detection
  • Sleep stage monitoring 

Price: $269

The Evie Ring is curated for women! The heart of this ring is devoted to improving women’s health by connecting the dots between data and its importance. The Evie app not only helps to track health vitals accurately but also helps users understand their current health conditions and health needs. 



The built-in menstrual trackers keep a better and more detailed record of the menstrual cycle along with the ovulation period, and mood fluctuations and predict accordingly. Other health vitals like heart rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation average, respiration rate, and blood oxygen (SpO2) are also covered by the Evie Ring. 

The most important thing about the Evie Ring is its unique open ring design that adjusts with the women’s health changes. The Evie Ring costs $269, but to make this ring available to the larger population, an interest-free installment option is available. Moreover, the Evie Ring is HSA/FSA reimbursement eligible. 

3. McLEAR RingPay

Weight: 5g

Battery Life: No charge required 

Key Features:

  • Light and slim model
  • Convenient contactless payment 

Price: £89.99

The McLEAR RingPay is the pioneer among the NFC rings that are currently available in the market. If you are looking for a smart ring just to take care of all of your payment needs, then McLEAR RingPay could be ideal for you! 



Using the McLEAR RingPay ring, you can easily make contactless payments in almost every terminal where NFC payment is accepted just by tapping your ring once! Also, this ring comes with a one-click deactivation button [in the app] that helps you disconnect the ring from your account in just a second! This is the best approach to maintain security. 

Moreover, the McLEAR Ring is hypoallergenic. This smart ring is available in two colors – black and white, and the width of this smart ring is 7.8mm. However, as per the users’ review, the McLEAR Ring is too expensive considering the limited features. 

4. Ultrahuman Ring AIR

Weight: 2.4 gms

Battery Life: 6+ days

Key Features:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurate Sleep insights
  • Temperature tracking 
  • HR/HRV tracking

Price: $349

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is an impressive smart ring that has won users’ hearts around the globe. Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available in four different colors – Aster black, Matte gray, Bionic gold, and Space silver. The outer cover is made with Titanium, giving a shiny classy look. 


The Ultrahuman Ring AIR tracks multiple health vitals such as HR/HRV, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep stages, and skin temperature. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is also capable of tracking robust activities from daily chores to running marathons! The best part of using the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is its Phase Response Curve (PRC) [in the app]. The PRC represents the impact of a stimulus, such as light exposure, food, or exercise, mapped to a shift in your HR. 

5. Circular Ring

Weight: 5g

Battery Life: 4+ days

Key Features

  • Tracking more basic health vitals
  • Vibration capability 
  • Red and Green LED sensors
  • Kira AI

Price: $275

The Circular Ring is another popular choice among smart ring users. The Circular Ring features include – heart rate tracking, breathing rate, skin temperature tracking, SpO2, HRV, live measurement, sleep tracking, 24/7 activity tracking, and guided breathing. 



Moreover, this smart ring comes with an alarm clock, timer, and airplane mode. The Circular Ring app also includes an AI chat assistant. For any personal recommendation, you can get help from this AI wellness assistant – Kira. 


Whether it is the Oura Ring or the Evie Ring, most of these smart rings are curated to monitor health and fitness. These smart rings are all capable of tracking health vitals accurately and guide you to achieve better health. However, if you consider whether the data shared by these smart rings are clinically acceptable or not, the fact is among all these smart rings, data collected by the Evie Ring and the Oura Ring are medically acceptable. So, if your goal is to achieve better mental and physical health, you know which one to choose.