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Bayangtoys X16 / X21 – battery tests

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Bayangtoys X16 / X21 – battery tests

How long does the battery last on your Bayangtoys X16 or X21?

Aftermarket batteries

In this video I am reviewing the performance of a few after-market batteries you can find in various webstores. While there are reputable manufacturers and brands which are quite expensive, I am trying to focus on achieving more with investing less.

Just as usual, you may end up with the well-known conclusion: cheap products may be quite expensive at the end…

hpb-power battery

HPB RC Airplane Li-po Battery 11.1V 2200mAh 25C

The first alternative battery I’ve tested was the 25C HPB Power. As it arrived with a T-connector, I had to solder a X16-compatible banana connector. Its performance was rather disappointing, giving the drone about 5-6 minutes of flight time. Please note that I’ve tested the drone with the Walkera G-2D Plastic Edition gimbal connected to the battery and an action camera attached.


Bayangroys X16 battery from Aliexpress

A lot of aliexpress stores are offering compatible with the X16 abd X21 batteries. Their specifications seem to be the same as the stock battery (at least on paper), however real flight performance is quite poor and I managed to get a maximum of 6-7 minutes until the charge dropped. Unfortunately the charge drops very quickly, which results in improper behavior of the barometer and you may end up with a bumpy landing, or even worse – a collision or crash. Be careful and prepared for emergency landing at any point, especially during your test flights.


Here are my achievements with the different batteries (with Walkera G-2D and FireFly 8S onboard):

X16 stock battery – 11-12 minutes

HPB 2200 mah     – 5-6  minutes

Aliexpress battery- 6-7 minutes




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In the below video you will see one of mu test flights which ended with a crash. Luckily there have been no negative consequences.


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